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  1. Captain's Pak Electric Downrigger - Silver 2000l rigger Multi-Set Rod Holders & Ball Cradle-Silver RH00436 Quik-Slide Mounting Base QS506 12" 30 Degree Gimbal Mount GM46 Need to go price $650
  2. Free parking and launching Mon-Fri. till 3pm. Anytime after, you have to pay to park,but no launch fee.
  3. Looking for a transducer for a Monitroll 900.
  4. I was given a Monitroll 900 head unit and the speed probe but no transducer. I was wonder if some could tell me what the transducer is for or does. New to the game so don't laugh. Thanks
  5. I was running a pair of Cannon Mini Mags for a couple of years and they worked fine.Just picked up a pair of Scotty 1116 and would never go back to Cannon. Just my two cents.
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