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  1. 5 Browns in 2 hours long lines sticks. Hot Pink again today! 9 to 11 FOW. East wind blew us in along with 5 or 6 others..
  2. Dropped in at Lures Marina round 10am..tested gear out to 35ft, no marks turned in reset gear for Browns, game on..long lines varried, wieghted varried..7 for 9 in hour.. Hot pink stick won the day. A little disappointed to see $10 launch fee at Lures.. Was thinking $5...went there to not be in way while setting rig for first trip of year...my son and i only one in site..
  3. Check did not clear...back on market! $2500 cash/ bank check 2 electric Cannon riggers, 4 rod / reel setups, fish finder, Lake O net, trolling sock and planer board, spoons and sticks.. Boat was in summer slip Sandy Creek Hamlin NY last three summers. 228hp 305cu.in I/O Merc.... Dual axle trailer 1985, new tires SeaRay is a 1982 Great boat ready to go, just needs some elbow grease sand TLC. Brand new Rochester Carb last April. Text Pete 585-880-9464 Have no idea why pics are upside down...
  4. 228HP 305 CU IN MerCruz.. Have had lots of text..tried my best to reply to all, sorry if I missed you.....still for sale
  5. 23' SeaRay boat.. 2 Canon Electric Downrigger's, Salmon net, fishfinder, planer board, drift sock 4 rod and reel combos, 2 with wire, 2 cannonballs, all the releases, tacklebox lots of spoons and sticks. Boat fished out of Sandycreek, Hamlin, New York the last three seasons. $2500. cash or bank check only. Text me for pictures 585-880-9464. I have a charterboat my 2 college sons no longer use this boat. It is priced to sell fast....firm $2500. Comes with dual axle trailer
  6. 23' SeaRay Cuddy with 2 cannon electric riggers rods/reels, net, spoons and sticks, drift sock, fish finder, planer board. Boat docked in Sandy Creek, Hamlin. $2500. Firm cash/ bank check.. Must go
  7. 23' Searay cuddy, 1982 Two Electric downriggers salmon net 4 rod and reel combos fish finder drift sock planer boards tackle box with spoons and stick baits boat has been docked in Sandy Creek Hamlin New York the last three seasons boat is very solid just needs some elbow grease...$2500 very firm...cash/bank check
  8. Capt. Carl- Thank You for your help over the years... Sharpie and Bill "outdoor guys"
  9. Starter boat 1985 SeaRay.. fished last year out of Sandy. $3000.00 Pics to come soon. Message if interested Needs some TLC
  10. What knot are you using? are you moistening the line before you draw the knot tight?
  11. Good morning, three kings in an hour 22-26fow. Started 6:45am in by 8:15...White/orange Jplug 45ft lead ball down 8ft fired three minute in...lead core out three colors/gator fires at 7:05....plug picked up its second fish at 7:35...sun was up high by 8 headed in. Creek was full of fish. Nice way to run the last bit of fuel out and end the year.. See ya in spring boys!!!
  12. We had 37deg down 65 in 200fow...Tuesday. I hear it has set up a bit this week, 250 to 300fow north out of Sandy to Devil Nose. Running greens seem to be hot
  13. No way 30lbs will be last few on the board.. 35- 38lbs will win.
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