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  1. Will be there all weekend. I ,ll be the guy in the 16' Bayliner. I might even place a fish this year.LOL.
  2. Has anyone used this lure. This lure has caught Northerns,walleyes, and bass with such ease. It has spoiled me. Your thoughts?
  3. I filet all my fish and freeze in water and lemon. Never have a bad taste. Even with bass
  4. Have a camp, my wife calls it a cottage in Henderson Harbor. My boat is a 16 ft Bayliner. I fish when ever I can. Mostly out near Lime Barrel shoal, Bass Island, out side the cut, as well as inside the harbor. Been doing this now for over 25 years. The wind. Its always the wind. I also hunt deer in the fall. Talk to you all later.
  5. Has anyone caught any walleyes out of Henderson Harbor
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