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  1. Anyone find Blackhorn anyplace? I asked about it at the counter at Running's Canandaigua this week and was told I should look for a substitute because it's not being produced. Not sure if that's fact or someone's opinion

  2. On 12/24/2021 at 11:24 AM, Iceman said:

    Got my booster on Wednesday (Moderna) soreness around the needle site, pretty much gone now.


    Merry Christmas to all.

    Yep .... my wife's booster caused the same reaction. She's had some issues since September so we we're happy to finally get it done. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Gene Shenk said:

    My son Cam shot his biggest buck to date last night! It has been real slow hunting for us all gun season but he has stuck with it and it paid off. Cam had History with this deer he had shot it back on OCT 15th with his bow but the shot was low and back but luckily it showed up on trail cameras a few days later so we believed it had survived the encounter. In my son's words I feel bad but I learned a lot from the experience. Well last night we were sitting together in a Hedge row over looking a winter wheat field and this buck stepped out at over 350 yards and even though he shoots his 270 very well he passed on the shot and I think it was the right decision. The deer went back in the woods but stepped out again but this time it was 250 yards so he decided to take the shot and dropped the buck in his tracks it was a great moment for us and I am very happy I decided to go with him so I could witness the whole thing!

    Cam 2021 Buck.jpg

    :yes: Great story ..... Fantastic memory for you both!!! Congrats!

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  4. 19 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

    Try Muzzle-loaders.com or Midway USA.  Tons of options.  

    Thanks guys


    Been to both ..... click into the various types and there out of stock or available for backorder for almost all of the 45's. I'll keep looking though

  5. I just got a new CVA Accura MR - X 45 Cal and I'm having a heck of a time finding bullets. I would like to try a variety of loads but that isn't likely to happen soon. Sportsmans Warehouse has the Aerolite ELR in 45. Anyone have experience with this bullet? Does it require a sabot? 

  6. On 10/24/2021 at 9:28 PM, Gill-T said:

    An interesting observation occurred to me this weekend. It started Friday after work with a little target practice with my bow. All was good, nailing tight groups at a silver dollar sized target. Come Saturday and as per usual on state land, a mile back and 40’ up. First light came and I was greeted with a doe group in range. They got a pass. Then a fisher came by with something in its mouth. Then boredom set in so I decided to practice drawing my bow to get a feel for things. When I drew back I became alerted to a problem. I found I could not line up my hindsight with the front pin. I checked all connections to see if anything loosened up but everything was tight and in the normal position. I was scratching my head. What changed?  The only thing I could think of was I was wearing a glove on my left hand.  I took the glove off and voila, the sight picture was normal. Wearing a glove was causing severe bow torque as I was holding the bow handle differently. The beauty of a hindsight is it shows you instantly if you are out of alignment. I would not have been able to shoot at a deer with a glove on if given a chance with my set up.  If I didn’t have the hindsight and just a front pin, I could have thought everything was fine upon drawing my bow which could have resulted in a miss or worse…. a wounded animal.  Anyway, something to consider when practicing with your bow. 


    What sight is that? I like the idea of not dealing with the peep.

  7. 1 hour ago, machzrcr said:

    Well i finally got the word after 12 days in the hospital That I'm going home tomorrow! Got to work on my lungs to be able to walk and get endurance again but hoping to be back in the woods soon!!!! Today is day 19 that covid has kicked me out of the hunting game im ready to be back out there!! I have a long way to go but being out of this dang hospital is a good start. Had some good bucks teasing me on camera during the day time so going to have to even the odds here!! But at the same time thankful to be alive and breathing, things did get scary for a couple days!

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    Kind of puts things in the right perspective. Recently went through a similar event with my wife. Glad your coming through it. Best thoughts!!!

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  8. 9 hours ago, fisherman21 said:

    Well……it wasn’t one of the big bucks I have on camera….but it just felt right. One of my goals this season was to take a deer from the ground with my bow. Not out of a blind, but like hide behind a tree kinda hunt. So that I did. My first sit was last week, and I was able to get a shot at a doe from the ground at 22 yards but my arrow hit a sapling I couldn’t see through my peep about 10 inches before it got to the deer. An inch left or right and it was game over. Anyway, fast forward till this morning. I picked a tree to kneel against in the dark and as it got lighter the less and less I liked the spot. I only had one small opening in the direction I thought the deer might come from. I debated moving spots, but it was like that prime deer movement time in the morning, so I stayed put. At about 730 I catch movement to my right and it’s this buck. The way I’m positioned on the tree and with brush right infront of me I had no chance at a shot. The buck kept working to my right and every time he got behind a tree I was quietly straightening my legs out so I could get down to my butt. I somehow got completely turned around without the buck ever knowing I was there. He went behind one last big tree and I drew my bow back and waited for him to come past it. He came past the tree at 32 yards quartering to me. I’m at full draw on my butt. I put the pin in front of the front shoulder and grunted, the buck stopped and I let it fly. I heard the arrow hit the deer and he took off running, but when he went to run he almost face planted. I watched him plow the ground as he ran and I knew I smoked him. He ran to the corner out of my view and after about 5 minutes I heard all kinds of thrashing and knew he was down. I was shaking with adrenaline, and that’s what it’s all about if you ask me. It wasn’t a big buck, but I couldn’t be happier with the hunt and the harvest. I’ll have another valid buck tag in just a couple weeks, and it’s a big guy or bust with that tag. In the mean time, time to thin the doe heard!


    Nice job and great story !!

  9. 22 hours ago, whaler1 said:

    Billy was hunting a ravine this morning. 
    Buck came flying through on the top of the other side grunting. Buck was out of view so Billy started grunting aggressively. Buck came in on a string right down the creek. 20 yard shot, crushed it. Buck tried to climb up the other side but fell back dead. Didn’t go 40 yards. 


    Beautiful Buck! Congrats!!!

  10. 20 hours ago, machzrcr said:

    Congrats that is a good looking buck!!

    Im down for a little bit got the Rona (from my buddy whos deer searched for) trying to feel better so far its killin me, lol pretty much every symptom they say i have. Luckily breathing is still good so far.
    So good luck guys hopefully i will have enough energy to get out here in a couple days!

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    Best of luck for a quick recovery

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