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  1. Les,

    You have way too much time on your hands, understanding this particular fish is really quite elementary, it was left side dominant, unusual in Lake Trout but it meant he was in his right mind. Much like one of your fishing buddies it knew how to get by with the least amount of effort, the proof is in its not wasting energy trying to fight the fisherman but it didn't consider that Justin was also left side dominant and well prepared for a record fish!


    Seriously congratulations Jason and hope you get accurate aging and a beautiful mount of the beast!

  2. Les and I hit the water about 3, went west and started off Ginna in 150', worked back and forth between 100' & 150', marks but no hits. It was HOT out there but no flies and no fleas. Finally migrated out as we saw a couple boats trolling in and had a little action from 250' to 400'. Ended with a picture perfect sunset. All fish small & thrown back in. 105' rigger was the hottest, nothing at all on wire.

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  3. Mike, I had to put one of his flies on to keep him complacent knowing he wouldn't get a hit on his whacky baits. Les neglected to mention his netting style on the larger salmon; you might refer to it as a chop or hatchet swing which sent the king sounding with my line a "c" hair away from the kicker prop then out around my rigger cable with a 6' cheater dragging behind - how all that ended up working out I'll never know!  It really is bizarre how the fishing is so different every time you go out - I expected steelie hits in the mid depths but never a touch on our cheaters or the copper. We marked very little bait & very few fish all day other than lakers near the bottom.

    Bustersit: my wife got me the shirt and I do appreciate it.

    I'm hoping we can get Hop out there at some point this season - I'm looking forward to some fresh stories on Les's past to enjoy hearing about!

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  4. I have frequented this site at least twice a day for years, enjoyed the banter immensely, learned more than I could ever give back and on a hectic day nothing is more relaxing than a couple minutes on LOU. Until last Thursday. I can't believe people I feel so much in common with are so selfish as to endanger all of us over a fish! A fish that will be there still when we get back out there. The excuses I read are absurd.

    This virus is transferable for several days before it actively attacks you - you will not know till its too late, no you may not die but you will infect someone who will infect someone and they may die. I work as support to people in the health care field, first responders do not have unlimited access to protection equipment, how would you like to worry about the outcome of every patient you deal with? Would you worry about bringing it back to those you care about. Lets look at the nursing home system, my mother in law is in one that's in lock down, she suffers from dementia and none of her family can visit her let alone try to explain why she thinks she's in prison. If you have been hiding under a rock let me tell you all our hospitals are now locked down as well - no visitors.

    I love the political banter on this site but guys, this ain't politics, no one knew this was coming or to what extent, we couldn't possibly afford to have enough medical equipment on hand to be ready for something that may show up every century.

    Those of you whining about your rights have forgotten you can't exercise these rights without respect for others and the system, maybe you should go to China and see how you feel.

    I hope people can really think about what truly is important and I hope those of us who can, can influence a few others.


    Happy Easter

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  5. Seastar hydraulic steering was best upgrade I've done to my boat, allows you several choices of autopilot and most everyone likes the one they have. I converted a merc alpha 1 gen 1 from factory hydraulic power steering and ez steer linked my kicker to main outdrive

  6. Thanks Whaler that's more of what we all need to hear. Nice looking garage / barn / shop Hachimo. Les you are going to vex yourself as you usually have 6 days of strategies and equipment ready for memorial day weekend and now your still polishing your knobs, oh wait, I mean equipment, agh shyt, I mean lures.I just spent afternoon cleaning inside of my boat as the mice got into it - mouse pee smell in cabin, my body is going to remind me in the morning of all the contortions I put it into cleaning the cabin. No signs of any serious damage thankfully. Anybody got life jackets to sell?

  7. I'm sure we all are concerned, nervous, tense on many fronts because of this virus, There are many repercussions effecting our daily lives, I wonder how many  babies will be named Coved 9 months from now and how many divorce lawyers will be overwhelmed.

    Lets add some of the more humorous light hearted expierences we've had to go through.

    For me I just had my wife cut my hair for the first time ever and she took pictures of the pile of trimmings and sent it to the family along with a pile of clippings from one of our Shih tzu's asking whos was whos (both piles where very gray). Her constantly saying oh, sorry, that doesn't look the same as the other side and I'll need to fix that was very reassuring. Looks much better than I was expecting after all her comments.

    I just went through my closet sorting out shirts I no longer wear, damn I'm old & fat, gonna be some room on that bar now.

    I'll add more as I think of them, what's your life like?

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  8. My favorite time is around August 1st, the silver fish are still in a  feeding fury and fight like crazy - there is nothing like a king staying deep for 20 minutes or another charging the boat and clearing the water 100 feet ahead of the boat - I don't care who you are, you are a life long addict to salmon after one of those fights. As Sk8man says: there is a reason they call them kings!

  9. Hairy,

    Love this response, you picked a great handle for this site. Sk8man and I bust chops at a personal level but you pull off some great ones that are funnier than shyt without being offensive. I would enjoy fishing (and busting balls) with you even if we didn't catch any fish, oh wait, that would be fishing with me any day! Thanks for putting a little humor in our days.

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  10. So we took a quick trip to NW Oregon this past weekend and when we got back I was using the throne and catching up on LOU on my Ipad, well the volume was a little high when I played the tourettes song and my wife threw the door open asking me what I did now? :lol: Maybe that "song" plays a little too often around me.

    Saw  a lot of well built aluminum boats out there and some nice elk, didn't have time to see much else.

  11. I tip out drive back down, pull plug in transom, pull block & exhaust drains, water pump drain & coolant hose off power steering cooler as soon as I'm on the trailer. Put the out drive  back up  and reinstall plugs & hoses before I go back out. Takes me 3 minute to drain and about 5 to put back together.


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