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  1. Forgot to mention in the note above that we will be pre fishing the tournament on Thur and Fri and the observer would be welcome to join us.
  2. The DODGER team is in need of an observer for the Oswego ProAm. Will pay $100 for the event. Will be staying at thr Black Walnut motel and can make room if needed. Please call 1-585-289-3494 or PM me. Thanks.
  3. I have been fishing these tournaments for years and really really enjoy them. To think they may make them into another derby disappoints the hell out of me. These tournaments create competitiveness unmatched by derbies. Here is my 2 cents on the concerns: To eliminate the Challenge Cup is a horrible idea. Its like the NHL eliminating the Stanley Cup. Its a goal, something to strive for. There is history behind the cup, since 1994 teams like Prime Time, Cannonball, Liquid Plummer, Screamer (to name a few) are recogonized by this cup for their acheivements. To take the cup and throw it in the trash can is demeaning to this group. The "no cull" rule should be eliminated or change the 6 fish limit back to 9. The observer is needed to keep the integrity of the tournament in tack. 99% of the obsevers are good folks and I look forward to seeing many of them at the events. To those who do not enter because of the observer: you are missing out on a lot of enjoyment, meeting some of the best people/sportsmen you'll ever know and the excitement of the competition. Plus these tournaments will make you a better fisherman. Lie detector ..........I'm not to comfortable with this idea but would not take it off the table. Would need to hear more. Entry fee/Payouts..........No amateur money should be diverted to the Pro div. Water boundries.........Keep us in US waters. We don't need added expenses such as Canadian licenses. Communication between boats. I can go either way but would prefer this being eliminated. Its a big disadvantage to new teams who have not formed any alliances and are expected to compete with teams that are talking to each other. It is also a bigger advantage to teams who have alliances with some of the Pro teams. Question? Why does the Niagara tourney draw over 40+ boats and the others have a hard time making 30? Some comparison should be done. All in all I agree with Fishtails, Spoonfed and others to keep it the same or make minimal tweaks to improve. I also back up the idea of going to 3 divisions if they are planning to make this event more "Amateurish". There is a core group of amateur teams that fish all or most derbies that look forward to the competitiveness of these tournaments. Please don't spoil this for us. JIm
  4. It can only get better with people like this behind the scenes. Very professional. Great job and Thanks.
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