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  1. Thanks for posting.  Ironically I am looking for the same.  The original watermelon lure paint came off.  I have a few other spoons that are bare as well in which paint came off.

    What is the best way to prep spoons so the stickers adhere extremely well?  What chemical do I use to prep them?  Mineral spirits?  Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Fished from 8-3pm.  Took my 70 year old parents and 9 year old daughter out.  Caught 16 fish.  9 lake trout, 2 black bass,  5 rainbows of which 1 was 8#.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Target temps were 60-90 ft down.  45 degrees at 90ft.  Fished 3 dipsys and 2 snap weights with planer boards.  Ran one dipsy with chrome spin doctor with gambler rig.  All the rest of rods were spoons - nbk, green dolphin. Orange crush, black and white, And some smaller spoons up top with crazy red and purple patterns.   Water was low at north launch.  Lots of cars in parking lot when we left as well. Got the new 2 month old boat nice n fishy and dirty.  I think I need some lessons on fileting lake trout.  My daughter wanted to keep some.  Great day on water.

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  3. DirtyHooker,
    Thanks for the response.  Greatly appreciated. Perhaps you have given me a good reason to come up to your beautiful neck of the woods.  Currently just a little too far based on my schedule the next few weeks.


    Here are A few questions If you have a moment:

    Are you very happy with boat?

    Is there anything you found as a surprise both positive?
    or negative?

    How many People comfortable fish with?

    How many People comfortable cruise with?

    My biggest Initial concern is whether to it will be a problem trolling and running back and forth from pilot house to deck.  Do you have secondary helm?  Remote steer?  Or autopilot?


    Thanks again.

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