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  1. sounds good stan, i'll tell him, the proof is in the pictures, thanks for the help- fisheye
  2. thanks stan you da man, i will pass it on, what makes them so great? compared to like kwikfish and other hard body baits that he often uses?
  3. hi gentlemen, i have been trying to help a buddy with some tactics and tips that put lakers in the boat on lake O to use on his home waters in colorado, he's a guide and a good fisherman but hes had a rough go of it lately, the trouble is not finding the fish as he does most days but getting them to eat has been a problem lately, we've gone over long drop backs, color changes, i got him to start running flasher flies and they've caught a couple but he's still in a long slump! the lake has very clear water and lots of big lakers and a good population of year classes, does anyone know of any secret little nuggets, presentations, or lures/baits that i may not know about that could help him? i dont really target lakers but i catch plenty, however i know awhile back before the decline many of you did..... anybody got anything? i really appreciate any help
  4. not crazy about machines, seems to me they always break down at some point, and if they dont they just run like crap, haha
  5. thromund, i definitely agree with you, and its just the simple fact of how good an artist is... the worst are the big companies like king sailfish that produce large quantities of replicas and are not interested in qualitty, grandner will make your fish look "alive" its truly amazing. every spot every color, read his website about why he started doing replicas, it was really cut and dry why my bro chose him, we were at a fly fishing show and saw hundreds of mounts and replicas that day, but when we got to his booth it was night and day compared to ohers, they were literally 10 times better than anything else we saw! I cant wait till i catch something i want to have done, quick measuremen few photos and release and then i"m calling him, a replica is forever, a skin mount is not
  6. I'll second and third that! definitely go with a replica, once you see a really good one you'll know why, lenny my brother had a fresh steelhead done by grandner a few years ago and it is by far the most beautiful i have ever seen, i thought he was holding a perfectly live steelie in his living room, he is masterful
  7. yeah we dont touch them salmon boy, we unhook with pliers at the side of the boat, no net, still happened several times, these fish would try to swim down get several feet then float back up, they all had the energy to swim and revive themselves but couldnt get away from the surface.
  8. has anyone tried or had success with bleeding the air out of salmon and trout when deep trolling on the lake? I know its used for snapper and grouper down south.. had a couple trips last year where it seemed like the expansion of the air bladder is what caused a few of the fish we caught to die, they wanted to go but couldnt get down. If it comes down to it i wont fish if i cant remedy this problem without rigging something, any successes, advice, or thoughts on buing one of those bleeding needles?
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