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  1. Large salt pond right in the city of Philipsburg use to hold tons of Tarpon. 

    Swim baits & top water presentations at dawn will do the trick. 

    License wasn't needed when I was there last.

    Its like farm pond fishing for bass but with tarpon in a city setting 😀



  2. 4 hours ago, bottom-feeder said:

    was in the paper last week sometime that wrights is useable again.....i havnt been there so dont quote me on that

    I was down there Friday morning. The boom was still in the water between the break wall and the International pier.

  3. It is called MAP pricing "Minimum Advertised Price"

    This is the minimum price set by the manufacture that a specific item can be advertised at. Perfectly legal.

    It is up to the retailer if they want to ultimately want to sell it for less or not.

  4. Hate to say It has been a grind last few days. Most boats reporting very little action. That could change but catches of 0 to 1 or 2 fish has been the norm for most.

  5. On 7/16/2021 at 10:46 AM, invasahata said:

    Despite the advice here I was compelled to keep my fixed slider rig off a rod and ran the set up pictured with a Spin Doctor up high and a spoon only on my rigger release. Good news is I doubled/maybe tripled my hook rate and had good luck retrieving gear (no tangles). Bad news was no change to my rate of boating fish. Next few trips I think I am going to abandon the Spin Doctor on the fixed slider and go with a spoon on a rod with a modified fixed slider approach to compliment the rod. Secondary fix will be to abandon the Spin Doctor set and run a spoon or fly only program with no rod on the fixed slider. Added insight welcome...IMG_5751.thumb.JPG.50791c4427f5692f0765ffdf7f676619.JPG
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    Look at Roemer Liberator clips. Designed just for this.

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