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  1. Todd330

    GHP 10 garmin autopilot

    So I purchased a Garmin GHP 10 autopilot, installed it and tested yesterday, all I can say is AWESOME!!!!!
  2. Todd330

    GHP 10 garmin autopilot

    What pump do you guys run. I have a 22' with sea star hydrolic 150hp outbourd
  3. Todd330

    GHP 10 garmin autopilot

    Thanks guys, looks like I know what santa will be bringing me. Do the hydrolics hook right to the ram on the motor or do they hook to the steering wheel hydrolics?
  4. Does anyone have a garmin ghp 10 autopilot. Likes and dislikes?????
  5. Todd330


    Looking to maybe add an autopilot to my boat. Looking for a reasnable priced unit that with either interface the gps fishfinder or just track a straght line
  6. Todd330

    stony creek launch?

    I went out of there this weekend with a 22' sportcraft outbourd and is wasn't pretty. If you can stay right in the channel you can do it but a little one way and your in the mud
  7. Todd330

    Otter boats

    When tying your otter boat, does the 14 by 9 pretty much work or should I shorten up the back so they pull out a little harder? Has anyone just drilled and put an eye in the side and hook dorect???
  8. Pair of the low profile cannon swival mounts. $100 dollars for the pair. Used very little
  9. Which do you prefer, big jon otter boats or normal dual boards and why. Looking at getting a set for brown trout in the spring and maybe try to run copper off later in the fall
  10. Do you tip your transducer back a little. I'm having trouble, down speed seems really slow to report.