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  1. i caught a big salmon well big to me in feb. off from T falls. i have a picture of it on my cell but dont know how to add it on here. it was the biggest salmon ive ever seen caught out of cayuga lake.
  2. whats better trebble hooks on spoons or single hooks on spoons ? and why ?/
  3. i dont think so know more people by face then name.
  4. should the distance be longer if useing a flasher/spoon or flasher/fly ? whats the best pound line [mono, briad,] for the main line and leeder? thanks for any help!!
  5. alpina diamonds spoons i think they were made by luhr jenson. cant seam to find any. also looking to try out some trolling so looking for some used dipsys or jet divers. line counter reals and longer trolling rods. limmited budget so if anyone has any old ones kicking around and willing to part with let me know thanks James.....
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