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  1. yeah i think perhaps a different area would be better? it seems like theres always good reports out in the western end even in years past. is this generally true? i heard the niagra area is the best in the lake. is this also true? is it better to go like early august or late july? can someone also answer if fishing was overall much better back in the 80s? granted this was a charter my dad and brother went on but they said they never had a bad day and would always get a good amount. kings, browns, steelhead, lakers. this was also when there were no zebra mussels and you could also go up to the power plant in oswego. my brotehr actually should have won the LOC derby way back then fishing the charter in like 1987 or 88. landed a 32lb king when he was 13 years old. still has the picture and its almost as big as him lol. unfortunately whoever the idiot was that decided 13 years old is classified as the adult division he was screwed and didnt win it. 34 or somethign won the adult. 12 years old was the cutoff for the kids and he would ahve been first place there by like 4lbs. oh boy was he pissed. its very frustratiing though. we thought for sure wed nail them this year going at the rigth time and right place ans since we live over 5 hours away and like to do other trips we only go once a year for the salmon and like 3 days so its very disappointing to come back empty. last year we went in mid sept goign up to sackets harbor area and we thought wed be set there hitting the trench or black river mouth area. unfortunately the storm ike pushed all the fish in way early and ended the season early so we got nothing last year either. not one charter was still going either. ugh. was lucky enough to hook one on a jplug in the black river but my stupid braided line got stuck in the reel and snapped that. plus the whole weekend was windy as a mother so that didnt help and we couldnt get any pike or bass either. i think were just gogin to give champlain a shot next memorial weekend and see how that is. play it by ear for the salmon.
  2. I dunno what our deal is but we had a terrible weekend. We tried everything. spoons, flies, cut bait. had out 2 riggers, copper, and braided dipsey. I am littleraly about to give up here after we have had 0 good trips out of like 6 since we started doign this on our own. Didnt even boat one stinking fish all weekend long Friday was probably the best as we fished like 2 hours and had 2 on which both got off and were both on cut bait. Saturday blew with only like a couple hits in the morning trip and a couple in the evening. nothign hooked. Sunday wasnt much better. only a few hits with one hooked which seems to be a monster that i fought for about 10 min and couldnt move it then it got off. that also on cut bait on the copper. sunday night one hit right away on a fly then nothing else. we fished in 80-120 feet doing 1.8-2.2 at the ball and temps 43-50. i thought for sure wed be set this year. i spend a ton of money buying all this stuff. new humminbird 797csi earlier in the year and a few hundered on flies spindoctors and attractors and spoons and a cannon speed n temp. which we ended up losing the receiver when a friend put up the downrigger too much and snapped off the ball and there went everything. Any chance cannon would send a replacement???) i dont get it what was going wrong? all this stuff now and still no better. althought many many peole we talked to didnt farew to well either. all weekend. even the guys on the radio didnt seem to be doing a lot. maybe a few guys got a couple fish and one here or there with like 6 or something but wasnt impressed at all. is there better areas then others? like western end? i didnt realize the depths are way different in pulaski then oswego. takes forever to get out to 100ft off salmon river and oswego your there in no time. weve always done oswego first time on the salmon this year. i dunno unless its totally us it doesnt seem worth keep going back and not having good trips. champlain seems like a better deal as they have great bass fishin and the trout and salmon. my dad said back in the 80s it was fantastic. he used to go out with a charter jim wells out of port bay and they would always load up on fish and always get a nice v ariety lakers browns steelies kings, and the numbers were always there not just a couple. what happeened? it obvously has changed in 25 years as everything does and usually its never for the better. can anyone recommend another area where we can have a nice trip with a nice number of fish? i heard niagara area is very good. very tired of going away and coming back disappointed.
  3. hey guys heading up to the lake at salmon river area next week and need to load up on som etackle. what has been the good colors this year and what spoons have been working well. thanks
  4. Wheres the best place (cheapest and most selection) online or near pulaski NY to buy spoons and such. I am heading up to pulaski next week and need to place an order. need some stingers, nk, dreamweavers etc. thanks
  5. do you guys prefer using wire or braided line? i havent run wire i have braided but i actually have had too many issues with the braided im using. i think its the trilene big game braided. and the damn stuff locks up on the spool after it gets wet and then dries. it like gets caught and tangled on the spool so theres no drag and the line just snaps when a fish is on. ive lost prob 3 fish and rigs with it so im making sure to change that out before i go up next week. just wondering if i should go witht he wire or a different braided one. thanks.
  6. i need to get a speed and temp unit but not for that price. you can get it brand new on ebay for only 240. is yours the same one here or a better one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/CANNON-D ... iesQ5fGear
  7. this is a great boat! i ahve the same one and we love it. stable, fast, and its very very well built lots of storage also. why would you even sell this???
  8. I can supply you guys with good deals on new GPS. Humminbird, Lowrance, Furino, Raymarine, Garmin and more Check out www.qualitymarinedeals.com Pricing is negotiable on most of the items.
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