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  1. Punch_Free4L


    Anybody been to Otisco yet? good ice there? yes..... no..... maybe?????
  2. Punch_Free4L

    Any good ice?

    Has anybody been to Otisco or any of the small fingerlakes?
  3. Punch_Free4L

    Ice Fishing ? ST. LAWRENCE

    I've caught most of my biggest fish through the ice!
  4. Punch_Free4L

    Any good ice?

    Anybody got any word on good ice around Sandy pond/Lakeview area ?
  5. Punch_Free4L

    color of salmon?

    yup....too much of that going on.
  6. Punch_Free4L

    Sandy pics from 9/24

    Great pics!!!
  7. Punch_Free4L

    New guy

    Checked pm's...nothing. try again.
  8. Punch_Free4L

    New guy

    Hey,this site is pretty cool,thanks for the heads up.
  9. Punch_Free4L

    New guy

    Hello everyone,I'm live in Greene,NY,have a camp near Sandy Pond.I have been fishing the Salmon River for many years,it's my favorite fishing spot.I enjoy fly fishing all of the eastern lake ontario tribs. Rick