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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I will remove as much foam as I can. I guess I have no other choice. Fish Fanatic
  2. I have a 17 ft legend, double console. I wans to set up downriggers on each side but do not have access underneath due to about 6 inches of styrofoam blocking access to put another plate underneath for stronger support. I'm afraid if I put screws directly thru, the weight of the rigger ball and the drag willl pull it out. On the rigger plate, I drilled holes and installed at a 90 degree angle another plate which I want to screw into inner wall. this way It will be held from the top and inner side. Is this a good Idea? Are there any suggestions for setting up. Thanks fish fanatic
  3. Well it's hard to say, pictures could help. you can try seeing on other sites how much a similar boat sells for (such as craigslist, kijiji etc...). In the spring you could get a better deal as the fever is catching. a new 14 ft is probably around 12K. people like 4 strokes now though. It's always what people see and what they're looking for. Best of luck. RN
  4. Hi, I live in Montreal and would like to try some salmon fishing next year. As going down to Toronto and the Niagara area is quite far for me, I was wondering if I fished leaving the Kingston area, is there any salmon there, lake trout, rainbow or walleye. If I have to go farther than Kingston, what would be the closest place. Can you also tell me the best season (weeks) if there are fish there. I hear that at the end of summer,or fall I can fish rivers too. I do not know which ones though and how to access them. Since we are all fishermen, and you need some information on fishing in quebec, I will be glad to give you as mch information as I can. Thanks,
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