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  1. Say hi to Peggy for me you have a great winter will see you in the spring New would probably be better but who knows
  2. We do have fun on the hill see you in the spring my friend
  3. Hi Fishstix we talk to Willy now and then you guys of been doing good and your tournament nice to hear from you
  4. Moor Sub Troll Complete package - $250 free shipping Excellent condition
  5. Check on page two I have Three big jon cap.packs for sale 325 orb
  6. Captain's Pack with swivel mounting base, dual multi-set rod holders, locking tip-up sectional 2', 3' or 4' boom. Approximately 200' of stainless steel cable, line counter, ball retriever, padlock, 4" mounting base, hand crank (included), Big Jon release, and Big Jon Covers. Max capacity 12lb balls. In excellent working condition 9/6/2015on Lake Ontario. (3 Available) Asking $325.00 each including shipping or B.O.Contact me at [email protected] charter.net. . SOLD
  7. I am in favor of the 3 rod rule as an out of state fisherman that spends about a month total during the summer on the lake contributing much to the NY economy in many ways, at times it would be nice to be able to drop a third line in without having to pull a rod. Just because you put down a 3rd line does not automatically guarantee you a fish.
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