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  1. I used to know from experience what pound of pressure to have the releases tuned for,but have since forgotten, how many pounds of pressure works best for " offshore releases, the adjustable cannons which I have quite a few of. In other words what release poundage should I have them set at?? 7 pounds sticks in my head, but that might be too much.
  2. There is no set depth, everything changes by the day. The wind direction plays a big roll in where the fish will be from day to day, and sometimes within the day.
  3. Skipper1


    Ice Gator li-ion is pretty light for a power auger mine is about say 20lbs. and it will drill enough holes for him.
  4. Do you put a Twili tip on these also, like a wire dipsey.
  5. Owner is putting a siwash hook out with an open eye.
  6. when reading the surface temp maps how do you go about picking where to begin your day? Sharp temp drop areas or stable areas in between??? Any input is appreciated. Joe
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