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  1. Brother boned me boat has to go runs comes with trailor. 1,500. Good fishing boat with cubby all fiberglass. Rodrack down rigger mounts Cb ff wash down. Fish well. Lots of work done to engine. 315-2363518. paul [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. Want boat out if herr bfor it snows.. this is a freaking steal any quest please call. 3153418065 [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Tryin ti figure how to oost them i cansend to ya via phone..anyques feel free to call. This is a steel. Have new biat. This is clogging my driveway [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Price is firm with trailor boat is winterized..proven salmon catcher. 3153418065 paul [ Post made via Android ]
  5. nice fishing boat runs good. check out at craigs list item 3008141467 3,000 firm
  6. Sport craft 23 ft walk around and trailor for sale. Asking 3,600 over 2,000 into the engine in last yr . Price is more than fair boat fishes very good plenty of room and nice cuddy. Any quest. call315-341-8065 ask for Paul boat is out of storage and in my drive way nxt too wrights landing Oswego.
  7. One mag ten high speed, one mag five highspeed both have four foot adjustible boom swivel basses short stops, 250 ft ss wire and come with quik connects. Used for one seasone annd are in perfect shape.. These riggers have no prob ripping 15lb or heaver weights from deep water ,, asking 700 $ and will only sell as a pair. Any questions call 315-341 8065 ask for Pauly (fishnutz)
  8. Niagra proam headed west had a good prefish friday. Sat of course the water that been producing was destroyed. Nothing was rt when put the probe down our break was gone water dropped 8 degrees overnt. Nothing but clear water and a blank screen. So we set a search and destroy program wich consisted of nkmags and dodgers and speed. Three hours of searching finall paid off with 8 quality bites all mature kings. Ended with 6 kings. Broke one off swivell snapped in half and the other well dipsies work etter when u loosen ur drag. It was good enough for 4th... Now the oak. We had an incredible prefish we caught over 20 fish on fri at least. WE boated over 12 mature kings. We were just a little east of the plant. Sat ran the 19 miles set up boards out. starboard side breaks off in goes the spread and the search begins 30 min later we net our board. So we get all set up and there goes our port board breaks here we go again. Anyways that was a tryin x in those conditions. Finally we get set up decided to keep going west got bit 6x had a decnt box of fish. We landed every bite wich amazed me me in those conditions. Sun again water we have been fishing was destroyed so we headed out deep ended up with 5 fish we dropped 3 screamers behind the boat. All heartbrekers could of boxed out easily. Thats fishing though.. We used a 2 rigger 4 copper spread wich produced good all wkend. We finished third .And first in the challengs cup. Our observers were awesome and we all had a great x .
  9. Boats are already launching on the deeper side by The bath house. Can't get into my slip till May1st [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. Work has behun on the docks. Won't be long now. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Sorry camera is screwed up. Its blue and white aluminum awesome on gas. Typical islander.. For olnly 19 ft there is plenty of rm too fish 8ft beam deep. Used too fish all derbys and the proams. Ff hawk all safety gear trailors good. 3 cannon mag 10s with adjustible booms
  12. Needs some tlc. Runs good has marine cb. Lowrancse ff gps combo and fish hawk. Needs new canvas. Fl on drivers side could be replaced. Replaced engine cover this yr.. Boat has caught a lot a fish. Just don't have rm for 2 boats!
  13. It has a 3.0 io and is 1989 starcraft islander.
  14. I have 4 sale 19 ft starcraft islander. Asking 1,900. Has trailer and runs good. Haven't used in 2 yrs.Great starter boat fishes good deep and wide. Has a nice cuddy for staorage.. I was going to fix it up my self just don't have the time.. Live rt next to wrights marina oswego if any one wants to take a look. Thanks, fish nuts
  15. Put two on the board 1 was 29.5 the other was 26.2...caught them in my home port of oswego. The big one took a twinkie with cut bait. And the other took a fly dresses with cut bait..fish were caught the same day...realyy liking the new cut bait..
  16. Shade I wouldn't fish without my sharks.. I had great sucess running spoons and attractors behind them..my fav are the chrome and blue. They run straight with min drag. I have friends that have been running the 20lbs and love them. Well worth the money!!!
  17. Absolutly Frank, we def will get out. Hopefully the silvers show up, and we don't have to fish 600 ft down to get them!!
  18. Nope not the sea swirl. The boat used to be named triton. Came from mexico on the litle salmon..
  19. Fri Set up a mile west in a about 70ft took 2 good kings while setiing rods.. Maintained a western heading for about 8 miles. Had a steady pick but fish seemed to get smaller the more west we went...picked up and drove 15 miles to the east . We found some nice fish . And got bit immedialtly. Felt confident in are pre fish returned sat fish were there.. Use 4 and 5 cores, copper, were the hot setups fished off boards. Sun was the same fish were a little more stubborn. Still ended up with some nice fish.. Broke 2 majores off back to back sheard the lead core... nks did the trick.. Ended up with a noce box of fish both days
  20. Hey thanks shade. We had a better ride to port this time too.. C u when you get up here in the fall...
  21. I spent 6 yrs up in st lawrence county went to school at canton and potsdam... Father lives in Massena. The oswa can't spell it river gets catchable numbers okf kings. They get in the tale outs of the powehouse in ogdensburgh. Also caught kings in the raquett river in massena. That's a long way from lake o. Some I caught prob went a lot father.
  22. Hi woody nice to here from ya!!!Fishnuts is fine been a pleasure fishing off here . Lake ontario is starting to where her down.. Planning on keeping her and just running her in the fingerlakes. Even though I live in oswego I still like to fish a few derbies down there.. Ill be in touch...
  23. looking for a used lakeo book have up to 4500 to spend. here of any deals let me know thanx.
  24. Possibly could be looking for a sued boat for lake o. Growing out of mine looking to spend between ut 4500. I know its not much been fishing out of a 21ft starcraft. Runs and fishes great will use this season unless. Though yrs are showing , and im getting board or it.. If any one comes acrosse a steal let me know..
  25. Ramp is open!! Have caught many monster eyes trolling and casting. The monsters show up right .behind the mooneyes. Usually mid May. Fishing can be fantastic . Timing is every thing . The big ones like to crash bait against the break walls. And flat rock is a good place to cast if on foot
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