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  1. Im interested in doing some Pike fishing in Canada. Does anyone know any good pike lakes a few hours from ny border? Thanks in advance..
  2. I have a 16 1/2 Deep V G3 with a 9.9. Is there any where that I can use my boat to fish near any of the great lakes for salmon and trout and feel safe? Ive been told some guys have fished with small boats on Lake Ontario on calm days, but Im afraid of towing all the way up there and not being able to fish. Is there any rivers or bays that you would recommened for trout and salmon? Thanks
  3. I plan on making my first trip up to Lake Ontario and fish the mouth of the Salmon River in Aug.or Sept. What are the best lures to troll with and methods of trolling at that time of the year. What depths do you usually fish at? Thanks
  4. I just installed a soft top on my boat, is it ok to clean vinyl windows with windex? Or is there anything else you recomened?
  5. Thanks guys for the responses...anybody know any good boat ramps or have any suggestions on places to stay in those areas?
  6. I had posted a question a few weeks back asking opinions on fishing Lake Ontario with with a 16.5' boat and small motor and got some great responses, I have learned alot from this great website. Another question I have is what lake ontario feeding river and time of the year do you think I should fish to try and catch salmon or trout. Im afraid of making the trip up and not being able to get out on the lake. I know guys that have fished the mouth of the salmon river and ventured out to the lake if it was calm enough, is this my best bet? And if so when do you think would be the best time to come up? Ive only ever fished out of Oswego and Fair Haven in bigger boats so im not real familiar with the Salmon River area. Can you troll in the mouth of the Salmon River? I guess what I am trying to say is I want to be able to troll out on the lake but be able to stay close enough to a river or inlet that i could get off the lake quick and fish the river by boat if the water became to rough. (my boat at full throttle does a whopping 9 mph) Any information on cabins or marinas in the area to stay at would be great also..... Thanks
  7. Thanks guys for the responses I think after this season I am going to try and trade the G3 in for a 19' Starcraft Fishmaster.
  8. Hey Guys, I have a 16.5' G3 with a 10hp. motor(NJ max.), the boat is set up for trolling. I want to fish either Lake Ontario or some of the eastern rivers for salmon and trout. Is my boat to small for the lake? I know there are guys fishing in kayaks out there. Any of your opinions or suggestions where to fish and when would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. This last season was my first year fishing with downriggers, I purchased 2 Cannon Mag 10's. All season I only caught fish on one of the downriggers. What could cause this and what do I need to do? Someone said possibly because its not grounded correctly and Ive heard maybe the current going through the downrigger is bad?
  10. Im looking into purchasing a used Starcraft Islander, I was just wondering what is to old? How many years are aluminum boats good for until you have to start worrying about rivets beginning to leak? Besides weight what are the pros and cons between aluminum and fiberglass boats? Thanks Guys.....
  11. I always heard good things about them also. They carried a brand of lure that guys were killing the fish with at a lake I fish, all the lures I ordered indicated that they were "in stock". So I was very anxious to get my hands on these lures. The thing that bothered me was I could not see what the status of my order was and my emails inquiring went unanswered. Then finally 9 days later I got a email stating my order was finally shipped on a predated date, which made no sense to me. Someone said they are in the process of moving if thats the case its understandable why there might be some delays. I didnt mean to bash fish307 I was just a little diappointed with the servive and needed to vent. Who knows maybe I will try and use them again after they get settled in their new location.
  12. I wouldnt buy anything ever again from FISH307 took weeks to receive items and they would not respond back to any of my emails regarding my items ordered.
  13. Guys new to lead core, if I was going to fish 15' to 50' of water with lead core out the chute what set up would you use on reel? Do you need a backer? All lead core with about 20' leader? Also what knot do you suggest.
  14. Hey Guys....I plan on making a transom down rigger bar with a wood plat form. What type of wood and stain do you recommened using? Thanks
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