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  1. Nothing off braddocks just one small laker
  2. Where'd the fish go

    We finaly found a few 400-500 kings and steelhead
  3. Haven't been out in a few weeks. Where did all the fish go? We've worked from 80-270 only marked one small bait pod
  4. Finally got a chance to get out for the first trip. Left the dock at 630 set down in 100', worked 100-120 with four riggers 30-45-55-65 and two dipsys 210-180. First hit came on the 65 rigger white/ glow Doreen dot sd gg fly bout a ten lb laker. 30' rigger went with a small steelie on an orange stinger that threw the hook. After a little ways with nothing doubled on same two rods with a nice 8lb steelie and a little guy. Picked up a nice laker on a dipsy gg sd gg fly and finished with a skipper on the 55 rigger. Great morning to be out wish I had more time but still have the whole summer to go
  5. Wasn't aware I lost a downrigger guess I better check the boat!
  6. Not at all buddy just happened to see it the day before and the guy didn't want to have it left so I grabbed it
  7. Cortland flea flicker 30lb 2500yd-20.00 Flambeau maximizer spoon box 40.00 3 spools of down rigger cable 200ft each-40.00 18 million candlepower spot light 40.00 5 million candlepower spot light 20.00 4 8" stinger slashers nip green glow,white/pearl,silver, silver/silver flake tape 15.00 21 bait heads verious colors whole and cut 30.00 7 teaser rigs verious greens 30.00 35 Cleo's and spinners 1/8-3/4 oz mostly 1/2&3/4 40.00 Predator wedge slimline therm-a-seat 5.00 Have pics if needed
  8. Fish 630-12 10-17 one small steelie one laker rest kings 2 skippers 6 all 24-26. 105-130 fow 90-110 down. Paddles and spoons anything green. Tonight hit water at 530 5-6 so far all kings same program as AM one teen rest mid 20's
  9. 7-21 braddocks

    Did u guys come out of braddocks if so how was the channel after that NE blow [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. Braddock's 7/1

    no we didnt enter didnt think we would get out much but rethinking that now