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  1. Hi Everyone, I will be taking a vacation to Henderson harbor the second week of July. It will be my first time back to fish in almost 20 years after spending every summer fishing there for 15 years. My question is have things changed or are all the old spots for bass still good. I don’t need anyones spot, really just wondering if the shoals and islands still hold fish or if we’ll need to go deeper. Looking to get my grandfather on some fish sense he also hasn’t been out in 20 years. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. Haven't been out in a few weeks. Where did all the fish go? We've worked from 80-270 only marked one small bait pod
  3. Finally got a chance to get out for the first trip. Left the dock at 630 set down in 100', worked 100-120 with four riggers 30-45-55-65 and two dipsys 210-180. First hit came on the 65 rigger white/ glow Doreen dot sd gg fly bout a ten lb laker. 30' rigger went with a small steelie on an orange stinger that threw the hook. After a little ways with nothing doubled on same two rods with a nice 8lb steelie and a little guy. Picked up a nice laker on a dipsy gg sd gg fly and finished with a skipper on the 55 rigger. Great morning to be out wish I had more time but still have the whole summer to go
  4. Not at all buddy just happened to see it the day before and the guy didn't want to have it left so I grabbed it
  5. Cortland flea flicker 30lb 2500yd-20.00 Flambeau maximizer spoon box 40.00 3 spools of down rigger cable 200ft each-40.00 18 million candlepower spot light 40.00 5 million candlepower spot light 20.00 4 8" stinger slashers nip green glow,white/pearl,silver, silver/silver flake tape 15.00 21 bait heads verious colors whole and cut 30.00 7 teaser rigs verious greens 30.00 35 Cleo's and spinners 1/8-3/4 oz mostly 1/2&3/4 40.00 Predator wedge slimline therm-a-seat 5.00 Have pics if needed
  6. Fish 630-12 10-17 one small steelie one laker rest kings 2 skippers 6 all 24-26. 105-130 fow 90-110 down. Paddles and spoons anything green. Tonight hit water at 530 5-6 so far all kings same program as AM one teen rest mid 20's
  7. Did u guys come out of braddocks if so how was the channel after that NE blow [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. no we didnt enter didnt think we would get out much but rethinking that now
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7/1 Time on Water:630-1100 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location:off braddocks LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 15 Total Boated:13 Species Breakdown:salmon,lakers,steelhead Hot Lure: everything Trolling Speed: 2.2-3.0 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 120-160 Lure Depth: 90-135,310&320 on dipsys ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Left the dock at 630 ran out to 140 started heading west.Worked 140-160 marked fish and bait just about the whole way 80-120 down didnt move a rod turned at the lighthouse and then the fun started. First fish hit a 310 dipsy with green/glow spinny green/glow fly 29.14 king. As that fish hit the net the 320 dipsy went green dot spinny green/glow fly mid teens king.Had another rip on the 310 dipsy peeled 100ft of line and dropped it. Picked up a laker on the turn on the 320 dipsy. decided to check the riggers after they didnt move for 2 passes and had a little laker on our 110 rigger. On the next pass the marks were about half of the first two passes and everythig was lakers picked up 2 more. On the next pass slide into 120-130 to try and find the kings again and the screen was full of fish but after two quick lakers moved back out to check the 150-160 to try and get away from the lakers didnt work had all 6 rods fire in a ten miniute span landed 5 of them 4 lakers and a 10lb steelhead that spent more time in the air than the water. With no rods in the water and the back of the boated looking like a war zone decided to call it a day.
  10. Idn713- yes they have line counters [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. spoons: Lot 1- 20 spoons sold Lot 2- 25spoons $25.00 plus shipping if needed sold pp Lot 3- 25 spoons $25.00 plus shipping if needed sold pp Lot 4-25 spoons $25.00 plus shipping if needed sold pp Lot 5-25 spoons 25.00 plus shipping if needed Dodgers and flashers $30.00 plush shipping if needed sold pp J-Plugs No hooks with these $20.00 Plus shipping if needed Reels: Abu Garcia 6600ab New in box sold Shimano Corsair CS300A used $20.00 plus shipping if needed Okuma Finn FL250 used $20.00 plus shipping if needed Pair of cannon manual down-riggers sold
  12. Summit Goliath climber 2yrs old used 3 times 200.00/obo. local pick-up only [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. The easiest way to tell if it has short stop is the switch if it stays up when retrieving the it does not have short stop [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. I'll do them for 30.00 a piece buy all three and I'll pay shipping if needed [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. Are they yearlings or mature deer? I've had yearling walk right up to me when I've been scouting or walking out in the morning to where I could have grab them! Had two of them last night in one of my ground hunting spots come out, see me and walk up to about 5 yards to see what I was. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. They are the older sealines black/grey and silver [ Post made via iPhone ]
  17. I have 3 diawa great lakes 47lc in great working order. 120.00 for all three [ Post made via iPhone ]
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