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  1. great video well produced everyone should see
  2. Hi Captain Joey here out of Monroe county Pa. I have been going to Sodus bay every spring for years now I take my own boat and 4 other guys. we stay a week first of May. we use Big Jon dual planner mast and Otter boards. I have a 20 Ft. Pontoon with a 60 hp. Yamaha 4 stroke. We rent a house but you may be intrested in Sodus Point Lodge. check out there web site. they are owned by Sodus Point bait shop. 315-483-2183 good luck.
  3. fished last year out of Sodus first week of May no one was fishing for browns due to the the warm weather in March. Kings had moved in from the west. This year should be diffrent think browns may run later into May.
  4. that would be ok I would just pick them up and put them back in, they are like stars they come out at night
  5. Didn't mean to to poke fun at anybody we actualy enjoyed the man and talked to him for a while. Sorry if we ofended anyone with the words burned out. Iam 64 years old and I think I'am a little burned out. Come on guys don't be so touchy
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1NLg6s4GNM
  7. Tim if what is found in Sodus Bay was a salamander it was the biggest one I ever saw, it was about 18" long. I found it off the dock at Abe's Waterfront. and showed it to Jamie.
  8. I was fishing in Sodus in early May and found what I thought was a snake head floating next to my boat. I showed it to a local long time charter chaptain and he informed me it was a mudpuppy. Captain Joey
  9. I was in Sodus last week. The Browns were spotty but they are there. Water temp was 57 in the bay and 47 outside. Fish were being caught west to maxwell in 15 to 20 fow spooms were the ticket goby and spotted patterns were working. THe water was clear planners and long leads are a must. Captain Joey Good Luck
  10. Does anyone know what is happning in the sodus area. I will be there from sunday to friday. Also what is the best VHF channel to monitor. Thanks.
  11. I am heading for Sodus the week of May 3. Any and all info on how the bite is would be appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  12. Captain Joey Boat The Sweetwater. Home port is Jonas Pa, I will be in Sodus Bay from May 3 to the 8th. I will be fishing for Browns, Coho etc. Any sugestions?
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