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  1. tpr39

    Glad I fish the fingerlakes

    Justin thanks for the info. Sounds like you should have a good turn out for your inaugural event. Good Luck.
  2. tpr39

    Glad I fish the fingerlakes

    I have always wanted to fish for walleyes on Otisco and thought I might give it a try. I would appreciate any general tips for fishing spring through fall. I am guessing most people troll? Flatline or downriggers. Are fish suspended? Types of lures. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. tpr39


    Has anyone been fishing Skinny? Any ideas on starting points for trout this time of year? A couple of guys I know have been fishing for the smallies and it has been quite slow compared to last year.
  4. tpr39


    New to forum. Fished Cayuga last week. East side, north of Myers, good laker bite with R&R Spoons. Appreciate the nice exchange of information.
  5. tpr39

    Skaneateles Skaneatles

    Wet cold day on Skaneatles. Two small lakers on the west side. One nice smallmouth on the east with a drop shot in 30 fow. Bass fishing is not like it was several weeks ago. Very few boats out.
  6. tpr39

    Skaneateles Skaneatles

    Thanks Guys. Weather looks iffy. If I go and we do anything I'll send a post.
  7. Fishing Skaneatles on Friday. Trolling for rainbows. Any information on general areas, depths and lures would be appreciated. Also bass fishing seems to have slowed down, anyone with any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
  8. tpr39

    Bait Stores

    Couldn't find a number on for Harlin's? Does anyone have one? Hook, Line and Sinker opens at 8 am during the week.
  9. tpr39

    Bait Stores

    Can anyone tell me if there are any bait stores toward the south end of cayuga?
  10. tpr39

    Seneca 8/17/11

    Is there a general rule of thumb on speed or do you just have try different speeds to see what works?
  11. tpr39

    Owasco Lake

    Wondering if anyone's been out on Owasco recently? Heading up there on friday. Any thoughts on fish location etc. would be much appreciated.