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  1. It’s a fiberglass 230 Sport Craft and the steering cable is beginning to show wear! I can’t get anyone to service it and my only option is to salvage or sell as is. I’m the only owner and quite discouraged that no one is servicing the older boats anymore! Hate to give her up!!!
  2. I have found the time is near to Salvage my 22 ft. boat. It has become very difficult to find someone to work on it. It's a1985 and mechanics just don't want to service the older boats anymore. It's a good runner and fishing boat! Does anyone know how to go through this process? I would like to get some value out of it if possible but have never been in this situation. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks
  3. I’m located in Rochester,NY
  4. I have a 1985 230 SportCraft Fisherman with OMC V6 175hp and 800 stern drive. My steering cable is starting to fray at the steering hub where it attaches to the steering wheel. Does anyone have any experience with this system ? I'm told there are no longer any new parts and only used parts and quite labor intensive. Any help or service suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Where I've always gone for service is no longer doing these services so I'm struggling for reputable help. Thanks
  5. l have a nice telescoping net with hex aluminum and would like to extend it but am having trouble finding the materials! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. IO MECHANICAL STEERING IS STIFF I have a 1985 OMC IO with tube steering and it is getting very hard to steer! Can anyone shed some light on the best fix? Thanks
  7. Is this cut bait being used today the same as it was a couple years ago ? Are the rigs to hold it the same ? I have not used it in a couple years and would like to get back to using the meat.
  8. Nice job Pat , congrats on making the board. Glad to see you guys are finding some nice Kings off home port. Just got back from the Islands and hope to get out there soon. Now go get a bigger one !
  9. My buddy has used Sikkens Marine for years and i have always been impressed , he has alot of Teak. I finally broke down and got it this year and now I'm ready to go. It comes in different shades. Good Luck!
  10. I have a concern about the Lampreys i am seeing on the fish being caught, most of which are Browns. We actually boated 6 lamprey on fish and saw more on fish that released as they were being netted. I actually foul hooked one on a spoon down 12 ' over 20'. I have fished the Lake by boat since the early 80's and i have never seen the lamprey this bad. Is anyone else seeing an issue or maybe a pattern. I wonder if the DEC may need to act on the stream treatment to help control the populations. I know in the past they have done this but i am not sure of anything that may be in the wind.
  11. All is well. Tried the seperate battery and it works at all depths. Thanks to all for the input. Curt at Kell Labs is awesome to work with.
  12. Yes i have. I taked to Curt again at Kell Labs and i am going to try it on a seperate battery this weekend. Lets Hope all will be well. Thanks
  13. I have talked in length with Curt and he has been a huge help , but seems to be stumped with this and feels i should just go with another battery. I was hopeing to keep the cost down and looking for a different solution if there is one.
  14. I have a Depth Raider down temp. and have found that my engine (electronic) noise will not allow any readings below 85 feet. I have tried everything and know that when i turn off the engine my unit reads just fine at the deeper depths. I was hopeing someone may have had a similar problem and could tell me what i need to add to the engine , alternator to solve this problem. I have installed an in-line 20 amp noise filter but it has not helped.
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