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  1. Liquid plumber 1st place Primetime 2nd Place COLDSTEEL 3rd place A-TOM-MIK 4th place Tough conditions, good job done by jon and the Sponsors came through 66 teams Miss em top honors youth division Great Job Jon!!! thank you
  2. i heard it was a litle tough today, only good thing I heard was steelies where biting pretty good. BEATS WORKIN
  3. another good day out of Mexico today. we found several nice kings from 65-110 down over 120-200 fow DreamWeaver standard size frogs green dolphins and spooks. Green Spin Doctors with Green ATOMIK flys worked good on the deep rigger. The steelies came on 250'-300' sections of copper on Steelie Dan and orange Slurpy, we did get a few browns mixed in but they all went back to grow up. 2.7-3.1 sog Tight Lines
  4. Same ols same old here in the bay, The browns are here but very few of any size, Dreamweaver ss frog,blk/icicle,diehard are working off the riggers. The boards are Daves Kabooms in pink sunset and blk/silver smithwicks. The kings have spread out and are mainly biting early in the AM. 80-200fow 45-110 down frog diehard green dolphin DreamWaever standard size on the riggers. Steelies are spread way out now from the surface to 110 down on the riggers on anything orange or red. Not much fly action to talk about.
  5. Can't beat it!! I just flat out enjoy fishing during the week. Just one other boat that I saw out on the water in our area You just don't realize how great it is when you have miles of lake to yourself and what a bonus for the fisherman. We didn't get out deep for kings but we scored big in 45-55 fow catching Browns a few lakers up to 12 lbs and a few steelhead up to 11 pounds and the big bonus for today was the 29 inch Atlantic we caught. It came on a blue whale fished on a slider off a 25 down rigger. The browns up to 9 pounds came on Daves Kaboom Copper and black and on the riggers on Black Icicle DreamWeavers. Riggers had most action down 16-22. Lakers came off the boards on Blk/Silver Smithwicks and the steelies came on Blue silver Smithwicks. Back at it again 2morrow. We will be targeting kings so I will let you know whats happening Tight lines
  6. Plenty of kings and steelies out in Mexico bay this year. Today we fished 65-120 and found plenty of kings. DREAMWEAVER FROGGIE GLOW was the Item and the Green SpinDoctor with The # 29 A-TOM-IK fly worked good 180 on the diver on a 2.5 setting Riggers parked at 45-55-65- took plenty of shots. NO LEAD NOCOPPER today because you didn't need it today. Sliders where hot for us as well. SOG 2.7 was the best heading east. From the red building to Catfish. These fish have been here for two weeks and even after the big wind they are still here. Tight Lines
  7. The fishing on the east end has been real good, Plenty of kings, browns and steelies. tight lines
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