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  1. Would like to see Photos and where is it located?
  2. Send me the info Times Two, I'm looking, and would like to have a boat at a slip by July 4!!!!!!!!!
  3. Called the guy, that boat was sold a year ago said the new owners love it. Said he has no idea why it is still listed. Said they were notified it was sold. It was just what I am looking for. Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks Salmonite, thinking I might find something local from Pulaski to Sodus.
  5. Thanks, but that is a little to far to fit into our agenda that weekend
  6. Tired of trailering boat to Lake. Looking for 27' to 30' all set up ready to go. Prefer South Shore area near Sodus. Plan on coming up to look at boats the weekend of May 30th. Anybody know of any for sale?
  7. I am interested in looking at your boat. My wife and I are heading up to the Lake to look at some boats the weekend of the 30th. Where can I see this boat?
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