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  1. Commodore sorry to hear about your luck so far. If you have bucktails on I love to put a bass assasin on the back and bounce off the bottom like everybody is saying in or near the weeds. I also use a 40 pound mono leader instead of the wire leader and so far in 4 years Ive lost 3 pike. I like the front part of party Cove where it comes shallow from deep water with weeds all along the bottom. We will also drift spoons working down the left side along the rock wall. Pull the spoon up high creating a big slack then follow it down not interfering with the fall. Ive done quite well with this 3 pike the biggest being 32 inches in 5 drifts on one night. The front of Eel bay can be real good. We will troll shallow cranks or work the spoons as stated drifting through the weeds. We stayed at Mils and got a Pike neaarly every trip out
  2. Hey Scott we were next door to your Dad in cottage 3. I saw your email address and went checking your dad gave me a business card I thought it looked familiar. I was in my buddies 16 john boat. The one that looks like hell but darn that thing can catch fish. Daker we fished for the walleye twice and got 3 total. Alan the cottage owner said he had a guy catch one last week also. There were also 4 Musky caught this spring according to Alan. We had one at 46 inches caught up in Spicer Bay and destroyed a Rapala. Broke both treble hooks bent the bill and bent the holder to the treble. Two walleye came off trolling J7 and J9 rapalas circling Bluff Island in charcoal color. The third came jigging a 1 ounce white and pink jjig with an orange shad body for a trailer right in front of Watch Island in about 22 ft of water
  3. Congrats on your pb. I ust got home 7 hours driving yuk. We stayed in Mils cottages and yes the small mouth fishing was real good up there. My group copied what you did. We also targeted pike and got my best Pike of 30 inches out front of French Creek and my firt Walleye 26.5 inches in front of Watch Island. I do love it up there
  4. Name: Mike Location: Earleville Md Home Port: Long Point, Bohemia River Md Boat: Buzz Catcher 24ft W/A I fish for: Striper, Large and Small mouth bass,Northern Pike,Yellow Perch ================== My friends and I make an annual trip up north to Clayton the 3rd week of June. We chase the usual Small Mouth and Northern Pike. I am hoping to catch Walleye and Muskie but as my friends have found them I have not. We usually stay around the islands and will venture up to Eel bay and such but we all bring boats in the 16ft range to get through the Mountains getting up there so we normally dont venture over to Lake Ontario. If anyone could lend a little local knkowledge it would be greatly appreciated.
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