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  1. Displaced !!!!!!! My name is Mark, and live 350 miles away from the world class fishery most of you enjoy regularly. First off, I would like to send our prayers and well wishes to all who are being affected by the current conditions at Lake O. Here is my issue. Every May/June for the last 10 years or so, I have rented a place in Sodus Point for a yearly fishing trip. Obviously this year it is not going to happen. Our only option was to move the trip to the third week in September. It is my understanding that that time of year the fishing isn't so great around the sodus area, along with not even sure the homes will be repaired by then. Catfish Creek, and the Salmon river have cottages available. Where would any of you recommend if this happened to you? Are the fishing methods different in Sept. vs. the spring? Basically, looking for any good info that would allow me to show my boys a good time.. Thanks greatly.. Awesome site.!!!!!!!
  2. I'm guessing that the dark one is a yellow perch
  3. Yer my boy blue​​ !!!!
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