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  1. I will be fishing from Port Darlington all of next week, and I'm getting the boat and all the rigs ready. Do I need to worry about the fleas this year and deploy the heavier lines or is it not an issue this year?
  2. Just the spoon simply attached to the line, without any attractor before it (flasher or dodger).
  3. I appreciate the feedback and your perspective. Pretty muchy the same reason I've never been a fan of the snubbers. Thanks.
  4. I am back from Port Darlington. Was there from Friday July 31st to Monday August 3rd with a relative. This was another successful annual trip for us, give or take the bad weather in late afternoon on the weekend. No success at all Friday pm 2pm to 7pm, fishing from 140 to 220 fow. Saturday was a very good day with 6 fish in the box, 4 Chinook and two Coho. Lost two big ones as well, both of them broke the setup, one a clean spoon (must have been a bad knot) and one that broke the leader between the dispy and the spin doctor. May be I should reconsider using snubbers? Let me know your thoughts ... Started at 6am on Sunday. The lines were on fire for a few hours from 6:30 to 8:30 in 90 to 120 fow. Caught a Steelhead and a Chinook, a few shakers, and lost a big Chinook twenty feet from the boat. We then went south up to 280 fow without any success, then came back in 120 to 80 fow for the last hour before returning for lunch around 1pm. Cam back around 4:30pm and stayed close to shore from 70 to 110 fow due to bad weather forecast, and had to rush out back to the marina around 6pm to avoid the terrible storm. Could not go out Monday morning due to the height of the waves(4 to 8 ft) likely caused by the huge storm late Sunday. At all times, we had two lines on downriggers and two lines out on dispy divers (set on 3). Most of the hits on clean spoons off the riggers, and some success (low number of hits but solid fish) on the dispies with spin doctors and flies. White, Green and Aqua blue were the most successful colors. Too bad I had to come back home for work! I love this lake ...
  5. Was there on the weekend with two friends from Saturday 12pm to Monday 2pm. We had a hard time closer to shore (80 to 130 fow), went only 2 out of 4, for many long hours. A 26 pounder Chinook and a coho. We had a lot more success far from the shore between 290 fow and 340 fow. We went twice for a few hours only and there was good action pretty much every 15 minutes. We went 11 on 11, mostly good size steelheads,a few cohos, and an 18 pounder chinook. We had more success with flasher and flies than with spoons. Dispies and riggers were both successful, nothing on the cheaters.
  6. 3 options I can think of in Bowmanville: (I tried them all). There is a motel right beside the marina at Port Darlington (Bobby C's), which is great for the proximity but with very minimal comfort (I can't see when it was last renovated). There is a Howard Johnson just 2 minutes from the marina, rooms are in better shape than the marina motel. There is an upscale Holiday Inn Express 5 minutes from the marina. It was built 2 years ago. This is where we stayed. So it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Hope this helps.
  7. We are back from Port Darlington. We were there from Saturday pm until yesterday (Monday) am. We went out 4 times for a total of 23 hours of fishing. Obviously Sunday was a scratch as the weather was so bad. We ended up shopping for fishing gear at Gagnon Sport, Sail and Bass Pro Shop. It was realtively easy to capture our quotas. Most of the fish were 18 pounds and over, the biggest one at 25 pounds. We lost a handful of bigger ones, with some leaving with our gear ... Only a few small ones. Most of our catches were in 100 to 120 feet of water between 50 to 80 feet down. We had our biggest fish on the dispsies at 55 feet down (190 feet behinf the boat with a 3 setting). Spin doctors and flies were the most productive setup, but we also caught some on RAC spoons, as well as monster on a J-Plug that we lost while netting. This was another great trip. It's unfortunate that we have to wait another year to go back.
  8. Thank you for the info. Did you catch it early in the morning? It seems early in the season to start darkening. It must be because of the hot weather we have had all summer ... And do you know how far offshore is the mid day fishing lately? Regards, FishBob (Robert)
  9. Hi, we will be fishing out of Port Darlington from Saturday 4th to Tuesday 8th. We would like to get some feedback on the recent action in that area. I will be posting our results upon my return home on the 9th. The boat will be at the marina but we could'nt find a room at the motel, so we will be staying at Holiday Inn Express. I will be happy to meet and discuss with other anglers on the dock or at the marina's restaurant. Thank you.
  10. The time for our annual fish trip has finally come. We are going fishing from Saturday July 23 to July 27. and will be at the Port Darlington Marina and Hotel. I will book our results a few times during our stay. I will be accompanied by my old friend Vlad as well another experienced fisher, Fernand, but a newcomer to Lake Ontario fishing. We will bew more than happy to share our stories with anyone on the dock, at the marina or the motel. Can anyone share with us the latest results in that area and twhat you suggest be the best strategy to use for the next week or so: Near shore or further away offshore or a mix of both (near shore in the morning and off shore mid day). Thank you for your help. FishBob
  11. The most consistent setup was a spin doctor with a fly, with lots of green on both. A lot of bites from 5am to 10am, less between 5pm and 9pm, and occasional between 10am and 5pm. I also tried other setups with some success just to prove my friends that the color is more important than the lure itself, but definitely spin doctors and flies won the battle.
  12. We are back from Darlington. This has been our best ever trip there. Fishing was great Saturday and Sunday, especially Sunday morning with an impressive number of big catches( 20 to 25 lbs). Also caught a 32.5 lbs Sunday evening. It slowed down considerably on Monday and Tuesday. Most of the fish were caught in 100 to 130 feet of water at 80 feet deep. Spin doctors and flies on the downriggers were consistent, but we also had solid captures on Lyman lures and RAC spoons, with a few also on Dispies. We also had a number of hits at 50 feet deep, mostly steelheads and browns, and one landlocked salmon. I'd love to be able to go there more often!
  13. Definitely. I should post our results around Thursday of next week. Let's hope the Darlington area is as good as Newcastle. If not as good, we should see a good number of boats heading east from Darlington toward Newcastle.
  14. I'm heading down to Port Darlington this coming Saturday and will be there for 5 days with three friends. We will be staying at the Marina's Motel and I'm looking forward to meet other members of the forum. Can anyone provide results for the recent days? Thanks in advance. FishBob
  15. I read a post on another site (Quebec Peche) from a guy who launched a 25 foot long fiberglass boat without any problem. Apparently, the water level has raised a bit. He has been very successful in front of Newcastle. He caught a good number of big fish (30 lbs salmon, and 15 lbs rainbow) in 70 to 125 feet of water on dipsies with flies.
  16. Name: Robert Trépanier Location: St-Bruno, Quebec Home Port: Lake Memphremagog Boat: Princecraft PRO 206 burgundy I fish for: all type of salmons ================== I'm relatively new to fishing, only 5 active seasons, but I can tell you that my trips to Lake Ontario have been by far my greatest experiences. I'll be going again in July this year and I can't wait to get there.
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