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  1. bay-wolf

    Beautiful St Lawrence walleyes with photo

    Goin in the morning. Any action around the Cape., Carlton Island, etc. Just trying to learn walleye fishing. Starting with worm harness and slow troll. What do you recommend to a beginner?
  2. (Your Name) : Fishing Report Has anybody had any luck at the Ducks? I was there a week ago looking for salmon and the fish marked were at the bottom but no hits. When do the salmonmove in? ============================ Date(s): (fishing date here) Time on Water: (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) Temp/Weather: (85°F and sunny, overcast, rain, snow) Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH) Waves: (1-2 Footers, Calm) Surface Temp: (72°F) Location: (fishing location) LAT/LONG: (GPS Cords) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: (0, 5 10, etc.) Total Boated: (0, 5, 10, etc.) Species Breakdown: (3 Kings, 2 Bows, 1 Brown, 5 Lake Trout) Hot Lure: (NK28, White Spindoctor with Green A-TOM-MIC Fly) Trolling Speed: (2.1 mph) Down Speed: (1.8 mph) Boat Depth: (200 ft) Lure Depth: (80 ft) ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== (add pictures and any other details not captured above here)
  3. bay-wolf

    Re-pay a debt!

    Hey fishman08 thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I am going to give it a try tomorrow if the wind lets me out. Will report back. thanks again.
  4. I have a frieind and a florida guide visiting this week. They took me tarpon fishing and in return I have offered salmon fishing in return. Has anybody found salmon in the shipping lanes yet? Any ideas for the Gallos and Main Duck area. I appreciate any help. Thanks. By the way, we got a tarpon in the 90 lbs. range. Great fish.
  5. bay-wolf


    I have a Garmin 188C that is equipped with an internal antenna. I run it regularly under a canvas top and do so without any problems. I would recommend you take a look at the Garmin equipment and I think you will find something that will fit your budget. I like the internal antenna because it allows me to use the set on more than one boat. I can move it easily to a friends boat so I can get more use of the set.
  6. Hey FHflo, the Channel has been mentioned a number of times. Do you fish the Channel just west of the Galoos or farther northeast towards the Main Ducks. Just curious where the Channel fishing takes place. Thanks
  7. Where is sunk island?
  8. I am new to Lake O salmon fishing and would like to get started. I will be heading to the lake from Cape Vincent and would like to fish within 10 miles of the Cape. What months of the summer are the best for salmon around the Main Duck Island? What other areas out of the Cape should I look for? Thanks