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  1. Does anybody know of any cabins that rent by the day or week on Canandiagua ? My buddy and I are looking for a spot next fall, dock and launch would be great but willing to daily launch at Woodville. Also any marinas that would have bait, gas etc. Thanks - Lobster
  2. Thanks Joshwa1314. Sounds like bright spoons is a good locater strategy once we see the depth of the arches.
  3. A friend and I are spending a few days next week based out of Kidders. This is my 1st trip to Cayuga in a few years but grew up fishing it. ( Dryden native) We are in an18' Lund and have all the gear, riggers, rigs, dipseys and FF combos, copper, cores and boards. Not looking to burn your spot and we are mobile from Sheldrake to Long Point, Meyers and T'Falls. Any, thoughts on what to start with for lakers and land locks would be appreciated. Thanks so much - Lobster
  4. Thanks so much for the settings info....looks a lot like I use...sometime I play with the fishing mode but not sure it helps. I'll check the ping speed. Good Luck and Thanks again.
  5. Great pix of the Elite 5 screen. I will be on Keuka next weekend and have a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2. would you mind sharing the settings you were using to give me a place to start? Ie: surface clarity, noise reduction, sensitivity, fishing mode. I have had good luck but am always looking for a better view...we will be rigging, DR, and jigging. Thanks - Lobster
  6. Thanks for the info guys....Big Dave, doesn't that put the treble well behind the skirt and exposed? Or is that what we want? I
  7. I am beginning to use some Big Weenies behind 8" SD's ie: Filthy Frankie and Seneca G host. They come with loose glow beads and a 3' leader. I am looking mostly for Finger Lake lakers. Where should I string the beads and how long should the leader be from the SD to the Fly.
  8. Buddy and I did our annual Keuka fish census 6/3 - 6/7 from North End and did well until rains set in on 6/6. We put 38 fish in the boat (all C&R) in 22 hours of trolling. Fish ranged from 13" to 25" and 6+lbs. they seem to run a little bigger and heavier than prior years, especially those up high (40' - 70'). Most fish were taken either on DRs and Sutton 88's , 44's and 38's with a couple on Trout Killers. Other half of fish were on Seth Greens and same spoons. Fish were either very high (40-70') or very deep (120-140+). Did see the beginning of the thermocline @ 45', especially near the Bluff. Surface temps were 61 - 66 F and wind was definitely a factor, most fish were going with the N- NW wind. We Fished West Branch - State Park to Bluff east side to middle. Had a blast trying out some new lures and rigs but the old faithfuls still rule. Will be back up in a couple of weeks on the East Branch.
  9. I saw a post a few months ago about Blade Runner flutter spoons as subs for Sutton 44's and 88's. does anyone have a source or website ? Thanks
  10. Kuba.......or my fishing partner! Thanks again to all.
  11. Thanks guys...I like the idea of raising the angle and looking at the idle again. It pretty much just barely puts out a sputtering stream out of the tattle tail when all the way idled down and is just barely in gear and runs smooth hours on end. Not much of a problem going into a breeze or current but on dead calm can't get much below 2 mph. Thanks again... great site and everybody's willingness to share.
  12. 9.9 Yamaha on 18' Lund walk through. When pulling Seth Green rigs I have a tough time getting down slow enough. Don't wan't to set idle too low for proper cooling, and don't like pulling 5 gallon buckets. Am I better off with a lower pitch prop (do they make them?) or trying to find a small trolling plate, again do they make them. Do most of my trolling on Keuka and Cayuga and some on the Hudson. Thanks for any input.
  13. Thanks for all the tips and advice guys. I originally thought I would use just the X125 for fish finding and the HD7 for GPS/Chart. The hd7 is both 83 and 200 hz and has a much better handle on ground speed under 2 mph so I'm thinking removing the x125 and going solo with the hd7 is my best bet. Hopefully the paddle wheel water speed unit will still work with the HD-7. I think the adapter has the same pin arrangment as the HD-7. Thanks again for the ususal great responses form this site.
  14. I just bought a new Lowrance HD7-Gen2 and am ready to install. I currently have a B&W Lowrance X-125 on the boat. I am thinking of leaving the X-125 on the boat for a second opinion and/or backup. Is it possible to mount two transducers next to each other on the transom or would they interfere with each other in sending and recieving signals? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the Info - especially finaddict.....Kidders looks about right for us with launch, dock and price. Thanks to all - A great site. Lobster
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