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  1. If you went out yesterday or today, let us know how you did. I went out of Bluffers today and manager one shaker in about 3 hours of fishing. Anyone else get out this weekend?
  2. I am in Toronto so any place within driving distance. This outing was from Ashbridges Bay.
  3. I already started browsing for a second boat. Just when my wife thought it couldn't get any worse
  4. Credit card took a beating. I have no choice but to fish for kings for the rest of my life just to try to justify the cost. Hopefully this will be better than my golf game. Sort of like hitting your first drive 270 yards and then waiting 5 years and thousands of dollars just to hit one like that again
  5. Hi All, new to the board. Rigged up my 18 footer with some riggers, spent a small fortune on rods and other stuff and was on the water for the first time. With the help of a great fellow angler, I landed my first ever king on my very first dipsy set up in 60 feet over 130 feet of water. This stuff is easy http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/4351/94789399.th.jpg' alt='94789399.th.jpg'>
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