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  1. Looks like a nice summer bass day. Perfect! And was that a topwater lure with those weeds? Never fished Onondaga. Plenty of great bass places (smallies and largemouths) around my area. If you like topwatering for them, try a Rapala flatrap (they cast really well) or, even better, flyroding with poppers or sponge rubber bugs!

  2. Thanx for that link Esox AC3. Boy. Even the press did not get it right. I mean getting folks riled up with grass carp. As many do know, however, it is NOT the Grass or common carp that are the big problem as regards to fisheries. It is the bighead and silver carp that everyone is worried about. They are plankton feeders. And the silvers are the ones that fly out of the water. And the silvers do not get to the big sizes that regular common and grass carp get. Plus, plenty of folks still think ANY and ALL carp are bad for business and will freak out and get them all confused with one another.

  3. Big rockies can show up anywhere anytime. Always a surprise when caught as I never target them. But I have caught them over 12 inches a few times while fishing for other species. Caught a couple of big ones in the Genesee river down by Letchworth and in Honeoye Creek between Mendon, Rush and the Genny. And they taste fine, with a bone and meat structure more like crappie than other "round" sunfish, with large bones.

  4. I've fished Honeoye since the late 1960's. The lake has gone through some changes in regard to fishability and weeds. Used to be a salad bowl almost impossible to motor in (or even a rowboat!) because of the thick emergent weeds. A lot of that was cleared up when sewage lines went around the lake (used to be only leaky septic systems). But the warmwater fish have always been there. Tons of bass, mostly largemouths, with some big ones. Also there is some pretty good smallies and walleyes. We used to SLAM bustin' smallies with plastic grubs in the shallows under the docks and by the beach at the north (northwest) end on light-ultralight gear and 6lb test with 1/8th oz jigs. But the panfishing for crappie, gills, seeds, and rockies has always been pretty good. Those who target them can limit out on very decent coolers filled with panfish there. I like working the west shore down to around California point, but the panfish can be found anywhere and everywhere in the lake, along with largemouths. Pickerel and the occasional pike are there too. Great place (if there are not too many summer skiers and such buzzing around! :P ) to take the family for some relaxed and fruitful fishing day or night (eye's).

  5. Yeah Canandaigua (as are all of the fingers) is great for panfish. Probably many can chime in with tips for you. But I want to suggest Ganargua creek which runs into the canal at Palmyra. You can access it from any bridge on a north south road (Alderman Rd. in Macedon just before coming to rt.31, for example) coming out of Farmington. Great for nice bluegills and some smallies and largemouths. The canal at the locks in Palmyra (in the park) is also pretty good with nice carp and sometimes walleyes. The ganargua creek crosses the canal here and there are many easy access points from shore to catch panfish including crappie from there. No boats needed...short ride from Farmington. Check Google maps for planning

  6. The finest fish knife is a Cutco made in Olean, New York by union Steelworkers.

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    I can vouch for that. Having sold them....you know. Vector. That sales sampler of Cutco cutlery is still working fabulously!

  7. Here's a rig... with a flyrod outfit. Try small sponge body rubber band legged ant or spider floating imitation at the terminal end of leader. Tie on to an 8 to 15 inch dropper a tiny ice fishing jig at least a foot above the floater.....any floater, including bass poppers can work. This may work with short casts using a super light ultralight outfit, but watch out for marauding 3lb bass!

  8. The wolf fish pictured is indeed hoplias aimara (locals call it hymara). Curupira is a different fish and although their native ranges overlap, curupira looks a bit different and does not get as big. Not trying to be a smart a$$, i am just a fish geek and have kept several members of the hoplias genus as pets over the years. I will have to save my pennies and join you on one of these trips in the next couple of years Capt Larry. Looks to be the trip of a lifetime!

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    JOE ESOX.....No, you're not being an a$$! Appreciate the clarification stated by u on the difference among the species of similar family members. Had to double check my temporary confusion in the wolf fish names too. Not to be confused with the saltwater wolf fishes (anarhichadidae). Thanx for the headsup enlightenment! :yes:     :nod:

  9. Pretty good fishing for warm water fish. Smallies, largemouths, northerns, 'eyes. sunnies, sheepies, crappies, cats and carp....with a perch or two thrown in. The fishing is better than most would think. For largemouths mostly, try anywhere tree limbs and water weeds or lillies or cattail like grasses are close to the edges. Also any flat vertical concrete wall sides like near bridges or along old port side areas where tugs and whatnot moor up to. Smallies, along with 'eyes and largemouths near the inflows of any creeks. There are several public (and private) launch areas. Scour LOU archives for past postings....

  10. fishmandan.....OK. That's cool. But maybe I can crack your code of silence mindset.....please consider. Even the smallest finger lakes (even though they are not called finger lakes) like Waneta and Lamoka and the Mill pond are fairly large waters. The real fingers are all large to very big by anyone's standards. I am not looking for info on what spot in these waters in order to find that perch's twin. My curiosity is more because of the pride and joy of living on a piece of the planet that has these nice gifts of nature. Pride and joy. All of the finger lakes have pretty good jumbo perch in them. Seneca is known to have plenty. Conesus used to have them all over. I say "used to" because I caught a few there and used to see one here and there floating almost dead but still bright and beautiful on the surface. Probably ones that broke off and suffered a slow demise from internal injury. Same there with some dinner plate sized sunfish! And I have not seriously fished Conesus in a while to know if it is still like that. I know some people abuse fishing info. Like some folks that try to break the law to bring fish to market for money. They suck. And that would include many commercial fishers who could care less about tomorrow than today (over fishing and $$). Most folks who are into catching good perch know already where to get them and how to target them. For the rest, it's just "wow, look what I caught!" I'm thinkin' that is your case. You captured a wonderful perch and I'll bet it tasted great (unless you are "walling" it!). Letting your fellow LOU'rs know which finger it came from (if indeed a finger lake; not a small body in the region like Cayuta or Loon or private water) will not cause a bunch of people to all of a sudden bee-line it to that lake to try for  similar perch. There are too many waters with jumbos (fortunately) and they each are too big. Not looking for your spot on that lake. Just the whole lake itself. Like the pride and thrill you got from posting your fish picture, I like the pride and wonder of showing off these beautiful (and plentiful..) New York waters we have to enjoy!........fishmandan.....Am I gettin' anywhere with ya?  :thinking:.......As long as it is not just to protect your own self interest, but that of the fishery, I can dig that energy. I'm just curious for pride and joy's sake. BTW...Do U really catch a lot of those jacks in your spot on that lake?

  11. Man.. I'm glad I was able to sample the fruits of real fishing and general cross border freedom before 9/11! Never worried about licenses and boat issues  and unmarked borders of states and countries ripping in the name of security and domain. Fishing and hanging out were fun and no problamo. Folks you would rent boats from never even mentioned issues that today, if not understood beforehand, can lead you into a lot of hot water.      :worried:  Really good info on some of what u need to know here.... :yes: ....and there is probably more. Oiy!    :shake:

  12. :yes:   Used to see them all the time like that at Conesus years ago. And easy to catch. Run into them a lot in Seneca like that too. And those hogs can be in any of them here and there. Nice fish.   :)  Care to tell which finger it's from?

  13. I like perch but 1 Lake O walleye can feed my family where it would take 20 perch. haha either way you can't go wrong with either.


    For larger walleye make sure and get rid of that brown "fat" on the skin side of the filet or it will taste horrible.

    1 thing to consider with bigger and older fish.....relative mercury levels....... Mercury........levels. Who said anything about that? "If it looks good, eat it". I know. It's nit-picking. Ahi anyone?     :P

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