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  1. i have a 3 yr old terrova/ipilot/link....i now have a chance to get a new in the box 788ci ( friend died)..for $300.. good deal or will it be a pain? help much appreciated..thanks in advance Harv
  2. Upcoming week at a cottage on the outflow canal. 2 boats are smaller ( 16') , one is 19', and well equipped. Any suggestions on fishing the west end of the lake in mid-June for walleye ? Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated !
  3. Harnesses were about 35' down....we also got a couple on riggers..50 ft down..then yank to release..fish hit it on the way up. Yes I built the rods some are Amtak AXU 100 M...red one is a st. croix 10'
  4. Great day! 2 guys..12 fish...4 hours! Went out to 100 FOW....purple harnesses 0n yellow planer boards..3 oz snap weights, 90 feet back. "Acid" wrapped rods... The rods worked VERY well... and table fare was excellent today!
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