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  1. Thanks for the answer Sandwick. That's kind of what I thought they were for.
  2. I got my reel yesterday, but can someone explain what the red and blue rubber things are for? Are you supposed to put them in the bail? Thanks
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    Sorry, I'm just getting back from being out of town and that last post was directed at 'Jimski' about leaving New York State. If that was an option...........
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    That's a stupid FREAKING answer to a legitimate question!!!
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    Yes, I agree, but that doesn't answer my question. If you don't have a receipt that's dated within 2 weeks, how do you get around that if a DEC officer asks for it?
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    I thought with NY's great new rules that you can only keep minnows for 2 weeks. If you bought 10 pounds, they'd last for quite awhile I imagine?
  7. Just wondering if anyone had any reports/tips for fishing the Big Water for perch going out of Sodus Bay? Thanks
  8. I meant to say I bet those were perch that YOU were marking in 65 fow. Try using crappie rigs with small minnows right on the bottom or a couple of turns of your reel just off of the bottom. If the perch school like that in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario must be the same I would think.
  9. Well, I was fishing on Lake Erie June 25 and June 27 and we nailed the perch in 60 fow. 3 guys on the 25th we limited out in about 3.5 hrs. 2 guys on the 27 and we limited out in 2.5 hrs. So I would have to say those were perch we marked. Thanks for the report.
  10. Is this tactic good all summer long or do you have to go out deep in July and August. I ask this because I go to Lake Erie and we catch them in 50 to 70 fow using perch rigs with minnows. Thanks
  11. Thanks, which bluffs are you talking about? Is it near Rochester?
  12. Does anyone go out on Lake Ontario during the summer to fish for perch? I know Lake Erie is real good during the summer. I was wondering if Ontario is good like Erie is and where is the place to catch them? Thanks
  13. Well, I went to Erie, PA and we fished out of Presque Isle Bay on Sunday. The furthest we went out was 45' fow and didn't catch anything. We moved around several times trying different depths with no luck. There were a ton of boats out there and 1 guy we talked to said that he caught 3 in 2 hours, so it wasn't just us. Oh well, there's always the next time.
  14. Any updates on the perch bite on Lake Erie? I'm thinking of going Memorial Day weekend if their hitting. Thanks
  15. Are you talking about fishing on Lake Erie? I didn't think the perch got out into the lake until about mid June. I fished Lake Erie out of Erie, PA 3 times last summer and nailed them. That is a lot fun.
  16. Thanks for the replay. There was a long thread in the Finger Lakes forum and I got some good info in there about the Severne rd. launch and fishing off of Lodi. I hope it's a good day and we nail em.
  17. I hope to get out there April 2nd and was wondering how the perch fishing has been. Thanks......
  18. Anybody know if I-Bay is still frozen? Thanks
  19. Branchport would be the north end wouldn't it.....Duh.
  20. Can somebody tell me where the Serverne Launch is? I tried to find it on mapquest with no luck. Thanks
  21. Does anyone know if Keuka Lake is frozen at the south end in Branchport? Thanks
  22. Can anyone tell me where to catch perch on the lake out from I-Bay. We are going out this saturday and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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