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  1. Dont run two spin drs/attractors on one side they are more likely to wander especially on turns so 2 on one side increase likely hood of a tangle I run an 8.5' inside and a 10' outside the longer rod also has less flex helps keeps things separated I have both rod holders in an 18 inch track. These days most of my tangles are caused by fish near the back of boat deciding to do a lap around them

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  2. 91 is 30 year's old I had an 88 last spring the mechanic said he didn't work on anything older than 95 he had more work than he could handle so just wasn't interested it sucked but at least he was honest about it I think with Johnson s that is going to be more and more common if your up to doing your own work than that is the way to go

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  3. looking to plan out the final trip of the year before putting the boat to bed.  like to try different things this time of year.  Looking at the upper niagra.  Looking for some advice on which launch to use.

    I have fishef small boat harbor but would like to try downstream more in the grand island area.  would rather not have to go on the island but will if needed.    boat is an 18 foot alluminum.



    thank you in advance

  4. Weather conditions this year set things u different for us we did not do well on our traditional way points and had to search out new spots fishing was harder overall but life conditions has us fishing sodus area more this year last two years were more sandy area. We had more consistent action than many we talked to but overall fewer fish and smaller kings but more and bigger stealhead. We lost most of spring when the boat died but turned out a blessing I ended up with a boat I never thought I would end up with and it's a pleasure to fish out of. Key lesson this year if it's not working g change it up and do the be afraid to go to very different areas if your normal ones are not set up

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  5. Wondering if anyone has been seeing any pike on Seneca used to spend some late season trips chasing them in the bays sheltered. From the wind. Have really gotten away from Seneca the last several years but have a lot of good memories thinking about a nostalgia trip before the boat goes asleep for winter don't really wanna trout and salmon troll I get my fill of that all Summer I know not a lot of people target them there but wondering if they are struggling as much as as the trout

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  6. how many people would you typically be trolling with?  what style tiller?  bench seats or more open.  down riggers and rod holders can go really anywhere along the leangth of the boat.  if your driving from the back there is no reason they cant be forward of you as long as you can access them easily and see them when trolling.   there are boats out there that are very open for multi-species that are a side counsel or dual counsel depending on your budget.  

  7. We run a smaller boat and try to do a few every year weather and scheduling are always a factor this year we did the Monroe county challenge and the sodus pro am both were a lot of fun we managed a full box for each but couldn't get enough size they were both a lot of fun and we at least felt we had a chance in the past we have done the sandy creek shootout and done well there that is also very am friendly the timing just didn't work out this year the we also did the Fair Haven challenge this year and last just didn't perform well have no issues with the event for someone just getting into lake o and tourny fishing these are good events. This was our first chance to do a proam and would imagine the Oswego and niagra events are good as well based off of our experience

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  8. couple year classes in a row like this means getting a good successful treatment in the next two years will be extremely important if weather doesn't allow for it there will be a hatch out from last years and this years spawning classes that would not help things at all.



  9. rumor has it they are very good eating.  there are wild populations in other areas that are on the verge of collapse due to over harvest.  

    Those folks need to come here and take all they can.  Personally i wouldn't want to hold one long enough to clean it.

    I'm curious have been you been seeing this all year or really just starting to see it again now? 



  10. We like to run Chinook divers 5s on the inside weight in the first hole and 4s on the outside with the weight on the 3rd hole my starting spread is generally inside divers as deepest 2 riggers in the middle than outside divers up high more separation is better but as the day goes on we adjust to the depths getting bit biggest thing is let the line out slow

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  11. if the weather report has the waves building than they tend to be shorter choppier waves.


    if the waves are falling than that is when you get the long rolling waves.


    as far as speed controll the same as any other time.  change directions untill you find the ones that ride right.  use bags and higher rpms to stablize 

  12. I run 4 wire divers   braid works but during the warm months fleas can be a major problem

    you can run whatever you want if you have enough seperation but personally i dont like to run 2 flashers on one side 

    it is convinenent to have shorter rods on the inside but you can run all 4 the same leangth especially if they are the same make and model.  A larger dipsey on the inside will pull a bigger bend as well


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