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  1. No. Exactally the opposite. What I'm inferring, is that anyone is good enough. This new format reminds of my kid's t-ball games where everyone gets to hit & nobody keeps score & thre are no losers. My argument is that if your team can't put together a competitive box, you shoudn't cash a check. In my opinion, if you go home pissed b/c you didn't cash, it ought to motivate you to improve so you will next year, you should not be rewarded for a sub par performance.
  2. Introducing such parity in a tournament filled with HUGE egos will bore & frustrate the crap out out the Pros who go out here & pre-fish for three days & then watch another boat cash a check for getting lucky one day ... I'd rather they pay out $ to the teams who bust their ass & grind for two days & produce big boxes, ... there is such a thing as integrity in losing, ... not everyone can be a winner, ... I learned that 45 years ago when I was a kid, too bad they don't teach it any more; it's the kind of thing that forces competitors to make better decisions, refine your techniques & be more competitive. I don't agree that these changes are good for the tournament and in my opinion, they'll likely dilute the talent & competitiveness, a sure means to the end of a once great series.
  3. so I suspect that if you suck @ fishing you're probably pretty happy about these changes ...
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