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  1. Thanks bettieanne. I wasn't sure because I came across a boat that a Marina had listed and sold (while I was inquiring about it) that was just over the NADA value that looked in excellent condition.
  2. I've been looking to replace my boat with something a bit wider (but could still fit in my garage) and have found replacements that I'd be happy with but I'm stuck on figuring out an accurate value/asking price. I'll add I'm looking at a range of Crestliner's and Lund's, 2002 - 2012; 16' - 17' both private and marina sales. When I compare and check values on NADA, more often than not asking prices are higher (thousands) than suggested Avg. retail. No one wants to overpay but my main concern is the true value, especially when it comes to the insured value should something go wrong. Are the NADA value's fairly accurate and should I counter with an offer that is closer to the Avg. retail? I have on a few and got no response back. Is this just people asking inflated prices based on their belief or am I wrong? Some of the options they list can't be customized properly on the NADA site for what people have on their boats so I've been looking at this based on what was standard on the boat and then trying to determine values of other options separately (such as electronics, downrigger, etc.). I don't think the value of a live well should be included if it was standard equipment but I do add for cover, bimini, etc.). Thanks.
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