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  1. 13 hours ago, DoubleTrouble1 said:

    So all we gotta do is form a" peaceful"protest start vandalizing property.....hide our faces maybe set a few things ablaze to get our point across and the Dec will follow suit just like the rest of them and give us whatever we want.....its the new rave let's try it! #SalmonLivesMatter. #SLM #Closetherivers

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    Can we start by torching dsr? I looked the other day and it’s $85 to fish there now 

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  2. 45 minutes ago, codybuehler said:


    I tried a few different colors and depths on a flasher and couldn’t make them take those.

    There was about an hour when it didn’t matter what color or how deep or shallow we were running the stuff. Everything took hits. Makes for a fun little while, but couldn’t find that school again.

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    It was green glow frog spin dr and white 2face 8” paddle with stud flys that took most of the fish. Best water was 130 early and then the warm water pushed out around 10 or 11 and we got back into them in 190

  3. Hi I have a bunch of kinked, busted in half and destroyed meat rigs I’d like to remake but I’m not sure what’s used to hold the teaser in place. On the atomik meatrigs it looks like a dab of hot glue but I figured it wasn’t because it’d melt the line thanks in advance 

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