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  1. Hi I have an aluminum 19’ sylvan and I was wondering what everyone uses to get the yellowing off with? I had it buffed last year so none is too old and I do not leave the boat slipped so it’s not on too heavy. I was thinking of spraying purple power and pressure washing but figured I’d check here first

  2. I think it’s a 1968, 2 wd with a posi pedal and a bucket so it never gets stuck, hydraulics are strong. Flaws are that if you leave the gas on at the end it floods like most old tractors do, and sometimes if you turn it off when it’s at operating temperature the starter won’t throw the bendix so you have to wait a few minutes for it to cool down. Has one newer rear tire and the other 3 have good tread but cracking in them, they go flat over winter and usually once I fill them up they last the summer. It’s a nice little tractor but the kids always want to ride with me so I just use my father in laws Massey Ferguson anymore. I’m asking $4500 obo and the best way to contact me is through text or call and leave a voicemail and I’ll call back. Five-eight-5 2-9-8-4-zero-3-7

    located in wayland ny 14572





  3. On 4/18/2023 at 2:30 PM, Hillbilly_81 said:

    Looking for a good shop to have a couple coldwater reels spooled with wire. I live in Penn Yan so nothing close to me that I know of. I wouldn’t be opposed to shipping them to a shop either. Any suggestions? 

    If you’re up for a ride go check out route 18 tackle in Holley ny. John has all the hot tackle at his shop and is a wealth of information 

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