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  1. Massena I will be going to the SLR first week of October. Staying at the state park. I see there are two launches. One by the power plant and one in a marina. NEVER fished the river. So any info would be greatly appreciated. No species targeted specifically. I would like to catch some perch, walleye and small mouth.
  2. Lamoka & Waneta

    Has anybody been on the two lakes recently. Thinking of trying them on black Friday.
  3. Planning on it mid week thru the week end Thanks
  4. Has anyone been out on Sandy Pond? Curious if any perch being caught
  5. Canals

    thanks for the info. I will keep you posted. Ron
  6. Canals

    Yes this is the area. The only launch I know of is the one just south of route 5&20. I see the Mays Point fishing access just east of route 89. Is this one of the hand launches? Thanks for any info you can share.
  7. Canals

    How is the fishing in the Cayuga-Seneca canal this time of year? Where can you launch a boat in the canal? Have a safe and happy holiday. RC BEAR
  8. IBAY!!

    Been in the bay since 11/3? Interested in trying it next week for perch. If the weather looks decent I will make the drive,125 miles up to I-Bay.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll try it next time out.
  10. I have trouble when using a Flatfish or Kwikfish lure. They come to the top. This is flat lining. Nothing but the lure at the end of the line. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. New To LOU

    Name: Ron Location: Athens,PA Home Port: Boat Name/Type:Smokercraft Promag 140 (the Minnow) I fish for:Most freshwater fish ================== I have fished some of the tribs in the area. Nice area,nice people. Places to wade when the big water gets rough Ron