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  1. scrappy2543

    Ibay perch?

    Has anyone been in Ibay for perch? I want to take my grandpa up this sunday if its nice and get him into some big ones. Thanks
  2. Anyone hit the bay yet?
  3. scrappy2543


    Hit the bay wed 11/3 from 1130-430 and hammered them!! 3/4 5gal pal between 3 guys. Lots between 8-11 inches with a few jumbos thrown in. Its the first time Ive fished there that I have done that well. We were "perched" in one spot the whole day it was great!!
  4. Hit the bay for the first time this season last night. Late @ 415 by the time I got to the bouys. Did pretty well for 2 hours of fishing by myself. Brought home dinner. Fishing died at dusk.
  5. Headed to Owasco over Columbus day weekend. ANyone have any pointers? Gonna troll and prob jig, at least try to.. Thanks
  6. Hit the water at 7a from the state launch and went north then across to the west side then all the way to the north end. Took a few small LMB on the west side. My buddy landed a sweet SMB on a spinnerbait. Action was hot and heavy on the northeast side but not until late like around 1200. By then my trolling motor batt had died so my buddy got the oar and became the trolling motor! Largest was a 20 in LMB. We saw quite a few still on beds along the west side. What gives with that figured they would all be off by now!
  7. Headed there wed. hoping there is still some action. Trolled the big pond today and got fried.
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):5-30 Time on Water:0700-1300 Weather/Temp:80, sunny Wind Speed/Direction:west/10 Waves: 0-2 Surface Temp: 65 Location:The Oak LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated:1 Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: purple/white fly with white/green flasher Trolling Speed: 3.5 Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 180's Lure Depth: 250' of wire #0 dipsy on #2 setting ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Not sure what we caught. Black mouth, silver with greenish dorsal side. Too small to keep had to let it go. First time we have gotten out this year.
  9. My buddy and I acquired an old subtroll and rigger but the coated wire needs to be replaced. Where do I find it? I live near Batavia and will be in Buffalo tom and fri. Thanks
  10. Looks like lots of fun! Thinkin about going there this saturday.
  11. Here are the pics. Anyone interested or have a clue what its worth?
  12. Last summer my buddy and I fell into a Penn Yann 245. The lady gave it to us as it had sat in her back yard since her husband passed. We were excited to say the least. However the boat had been there for 7+ years. THe motor and tranny are out of it. They were taken out to be fixed due to the motor bending a rod apparently after some water came back up the exhaust? Ever heard of that? We now have the motor in pieces and the tranny. Just like they were when they were taken out 7 years ago. Next we were told to check the wood pieces below deck with a small drill to see if they were rotted or not. We did and there are some spots that possibly are. There are definitly some spots towards the transom that are, like where the batteries go and such. My question to you all, as we are new to this caliber of boat. Are we in over our heads? Or is this worth the time, money and money it is going to take to fix up? Speaking of money any guesstimates as to what this will cost?
  13. My buddy and I inherited a boat and a fly bridge. We dont want the fly bridge wondering how much it would be worth? Pics to come later. Thanks
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