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  1. If you guys are serous, becuase I am. than that force engine I have must have some kind of a problem. becuase I swear i burn 26 gal. a day fishng. I've had the motor in for a check up every season. I don't like to take any chances with a motor problem out on the big lake. I have looked for a different prop. I've yet to come across one for a force. But that boat was another good deal so I bought it. So I am realy interested in knowing what the average of a v8 burns a day. if it is 1 gal an hour, I'll be seeing you guys up there in my new 24 footer.
  2. I need some info from anyone that ownes a v8 inboard on there fishing machine. I just came across a 24 ft cuddy fully loaded. The old timer hurt his back and just wants to dump it. I all most lost it when he said 3,000 for it all. The problem is. Its got a v8. Just by me have an 85 hp on my 18 footer I go thru 26 gal. in a day trollling. So how bad is it using a v8. I'm talking trolling around with it, and does the engine itself like doing trolling speeds with it being a v8. I already know about putting a kicker to get better gas, except the boat already has a full swim platform on the rear. so thats out.
  3. Ok so once i a great while I get an idea, and this one just popped in my head. After using the fly rigs with the 50lb mono or flor. at different lenghts. It seams that unless you put some kind of a swivel on the end of the leader your always making new leaders for flies. Its not a real big deal, but. Im thinking there has to be a better way to do this. Like how about just making the leader just long enough to fit through the fly head and attaching a barrel swivel to it. either make the leader out of braid 50# or something else like black covered steel leader. then you and make many leader at differnt lengths and attach or change as ofter as you like. I've read that lighter line seams to change the action on the fly so I don't know if putting a swivel at the head of the fly would hurt the action or not. I also understand that the idea is for the fly to slide up the line and not get that damaged from the fish. So i guess its a judgment call as to what you want to make or buy more of flies or leaders. If you purchase prorigs already made. the price is as much as a fly unrigged. So again I think its a judgement call. So if anyone has any ideas or they think this is a bad idea please post your answer for me. Thanks
  4. I purchase them this year after loosing a pancake weight. And they run better than the pancakes do. If they made them in 20lbs i'd buy them. I purchased the 15's. But they weigh around 16 pound accourding to my scale. So if your downrigger cant handle over 15 becareful of that. What I do with the eye at the end of the weight is I use some kind of a attactor to it. On one I run a homemade rig I came up with. I use a snap swivel attact by a steel leader only 6 inches long. with a "action disk" head and a e-chip on the end. The other weight I run some kind of a sent bomb. I took a old film canaster and put a great number of holes on all sides to it. I then put a hole in the top and bottom to attach again a snap swivel and 6" steel leader to it. I put a spong into the film canaster to soak up the sent. And then just load the sponge with the attactor and put the lid on. I dont know if it works or not. But I look at it as it can't hurt.
  5. I don't know if you guys make your own flies. But I've been doing it alot. I'm not doing it to save money, more to the fact of catching something that you made on your own. So far I've had good luck with some of my colors. At least for the steelies. Not so good with the salmon. But so a tip. The color that they been hitting was a 3" green crinckle with 3" uv green. running behind a captain valum with a 22 in. leader. So my question is this. Do the flies work on browns? And if so what colors and what size of mylar? And do you guys run 8" spinnies with them? I wanted to give it a try on some local lakes here in pa and see if they bite them here also.
  6. Back in the hayday of fishing from the piers off fairhaven. We killed the salmon with rebel fast tracks. They still make them but not in the salmon or glo colors. At least not anywhere that i've been able to find. At night the yellow or green glo worked the best. And at day break the charteues with a flor. yellow ladder back. Really put a hurting on them. We out fished cleos 6 to 1 easy. The faster you reeled the better. They only other crank baite that came close was the rapala double jointed yellow with a fast track lip. If you can track down the rebels there worth there weight in gold for pier fishing.
  7. I bought my boat many years ago for almost nothing so it doesn't owe me a dime. But the fiberglass antena that is on it is pealing away. (little fiberglass hairs all over the place.) So I took it off the boat. The radio is also very very old. All dials. And Im not sure if it ever worked since I bought the boat. I tried many channels for radio checks and never got a response. I can hear people once in a while on it but thats about it. So my question is what should I buy for the boat. Meaning the radio and antena. The boat is only an 18 footer. open bow. With a 85 horse o.b. I don't have an extreme amount of money so price is a factor. Im not very knowledgable about the radio info at all. like what size antena. how many watts. etc. So me just buying one is a big gamble on me getting something useful for on the lake. And talking to sales people, well thats just it. They want to make a sell on what they carry. Good or not.
  8. I guess what im asking is. Not if it to windy but wind direction. Is it true that a north wind blows in the warm water. so the fish move out. I made a run last year. And after hearing that the fish are there. I made a trip. It was a couple days later. But I guess a big storm blew in all this warm water. I marked 70 degree water all the way down to 100 foot. And I keeped heading north to try and find good temps. But they weren't there. Neither were the fish. I never did find any that day. No baite nothing. So it was a very expensive trip. I don't know of anyplace to stay at oswego so I booked a room at the hotel. and fish the next morning. at 125 a nite. plus the gas for boat and truck. It gets costly.
  9. I checked the weather for the up coming weekend and there saying wind from the north and north east. Is it worth the drive on saturday to fish. Or is that one of those stay home winds. Meaning will it blow in the warm water or cold water. Im comin up from scranton pennsylvania and its about a 3 1/2 hr drive to fish.
  10. Guys I have limited funds at the moment and I wanted to purchase at least 10 spins. With all the color combos out there. I would like some sugestions on what would be the best 10 choices to make. I'll be running them with flies. those I tie myself. I heard run white with a white fly, green with a green fly etc. But theres glow white ,white crush ,white pearl. You get the jist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. So since it seams most people prefer to use the torpedoes or pancakes. What weight show i go with. My scotty pros can hand up to 20lbs. So should i go with the 15's. or stay with the 13lbs. Is there an advantage besides being heavier.
  12. When you guys are running cheaters fixed or sliding. Typicaly what is the main rig at the ball. Meaning are you running spins dogers, flashers or spoons. The reason im asking is. I have a mental picture of one big mess if you use a spin or flasher with a spoon on your cheater. Not becuase of the spinning or being to close to the cheater but becuase if a king grabs the cheater spoon. that flasher or spin is still doing it thing out there, and now the 2 lines are running next to one another. So if your using say a 12' leader off of the cheater and it slides down to the main line. The flasher is now behind it still twisting away. So am i thinking this wrong, or am i missing somthing.
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