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  1. Paying attention to scent might help you catch more fish, and it will definitely keep you from catching fewer. Keeping the wrong scent off your lure is just as important as using the right one, I am new at this though, better listen to some one who has been fishing for years
  2. How do I make sure I don't get ripped off in a scam? I found a boat online, a 2005 25' Cobia for $5200.00. Wow, makes me suspicious though, and I don't want to pass up a good deal either. I am new to this and I am learning that boating can be a very effective way of making a large fortune into a small one. Thanks for any advice, Andrew.
  3. fishound

    sea ox

    I found a boat that I need some input on. It"s a 23' 2000 Sea Ox. ?Has anyone ever operated or fished off one of these? Are they a good quality boat? Any typical problems? Any input pro or con will be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew.
  4. How wide is the beam? Willyou consider trade for camper?
  5. wow, thanks for the input, Andrew
  6. I want to get the word out as much as possible about an issue we are having in the U P. A dam is proposed on the Dead River, this dam will destroy spawning habitat, the few Cohos we have are all wild spawning, no stockers. I moved here one year ago and I love it. I know this is about Lake Superior on a Lake Ontario site, but any suggestions on defeating the damming will be appreciated, so no matter where we live we can visit and enjoy fishing. Our license fees Paid for the incredible fishery we enjoy on the Great Lakes. With all the threats, invasive species etc, we cannot afford to give up any habitat. It has been proven that wind power produces more and less expensive power than a dam, but some want a lake. Thanks, Andrew Norris
  7. Name: Andrew Location:Marquette Home Port: Boat Name/Type:12' Blue Fin I fish for:salmon, lake trout, steelhead, whitefish, menominee, walleye ================== Hello from way up north, Although I haven't fished Lake Ontario yet I look forward to getting there one day, until then this forum will have to do. I catch a few salmon, lakers and steelhead in my small boat, as soon as I sell my camper I am getting a real great lakes boat. Looking forward to sharing info, maybe some L.O. techniques will work here on Lake Superior.
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