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  1. The 16'11" Brown was between 30 and 31 inches in length...I measured the Pig. It was a terrific time for me and my buds....Thanks Rick and Craig.!! We we proud to be on the maiden charter of the new "Yankee Troller" Awesome boat with Class A Captain(s).....We'll be seeing you again Rick....Jerry
  2. Would like a nice used portable fishfinder...let me know what you have and pricing... Email me at [email protected] that is A Zero 31914....thanks
  3. Hi all, whats the specific rig for egg sacks for Salmon.. Sinkers and let egg sack float 12-18" off the bottom? or just float on top and ride the current..? thx
  4. Thanks guys..! All set....Rooky
  5. Im rigging my stern with a wood board to attach a downrigger and rod holders....any suggestions on type of wood..? And what type of protectant..? Standard urethane..? or is their a marine grade coater..? Thx in advance....
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