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  1. Yes, that would be difficult to walk away from. Just you mentioning it has me itching to go!
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm definitely going to check out. Would you say it's better to go this month or next?
  3. That sucks. On the bright side, I found out they stock them in Connecticut not far from NYC. Looks like I'll be trying for them there.
  4. Nice fish. What did you get them on?
  5. I've caught them out west. They're landlocked sockeye salmon. Supposedly NY is one of the only states on the East Coast that has them; just can't figure out where.
  6. Which lakes hold kokanee in New York?
  7. Thanks a lot guys. I may take you up on that offer perch.
  8. Sounds like good fun. Could you tell me what town the break wall is in (and where I can get minnows around there)? I have never been in the Finger Lakes region. Also, any suggestions on creeks to check out? I really appreciate it. I don't know how else I could find out about this info.
  9. I am a lifelong fisherman. I have caught more salmon, bows, steelhead, browns, bass, etc., in ponds and streams than I can count. I have never caught any lake trout, splake or landlocked salmon. I don't have a boat or access to one, but I'd like to get into to some of these fish. What are the possibilities of me driving up from NYC and getting into some from the shore? I've read that lakers come in close during the fall. Those are what I'm really after, but of course I'd love to catch my first splake or landlocked salmon. Any specific bodies of water / locations, baits, set ups, etc., would be greatly appreciated.
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