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  1. nice fish, i love carp fishing, my dad and i fish the seneca river a lot and also the erie canal. Always loads of fun!!!
  2. wow those guys are real idiots....i hope they got caught!!!
  3. My dad (Georged) and I got out at about 12:30. Lots of false hits from floating weeds... I got a 30 incher at around 2. My first musky ever!!!!!! At about 3:30 we decided to cast and my dad got about a 15 inch musky....hahaha. The 30 incher came on a jointed rapala, over 27FOW, 10 feet down....
  4. i bought this lure and on my way home i was reading the box and i read "warning this product contains lead"...it went on to say stuff like do not put in your mouth, do not put hands in mouth after touching, wash your hands after touching this bait...it is called 9" trick shiner...i was just wondering if the lead is going to harm the fish....i mean if they dont want me to put it in my mouth then why would i want to put it in a fish's mouth?
  5. we got to waneta at around 7...it was about 9:30 when we caught him around 17 ft down, trolling at about 3 mph I bought a rapala super shad rap at wal-mart thinking it will probably never work....but we needed some bigger lures for musky. Out of the 3 trips we've taken it has hooked into 2 fish and i was suprised to see it worked. We ended up going to lamoka at about 10:30 and caught a few pickerel and bass...
  6. Haha i put the wrong date. Its supposed to be 7/3/09.
  7. my brother, dad and i went to waneta today in search of musky. we casted the weeds for a while with no luck so we decided to troll the middle. only after about 5 min i had a hit on a perch colored rapala super shad rap. i fought him for about 1 min then he tail danced and spit the hook. It looked to be 40+. grrr. after another 5 min and my brother hooked into a musky. The other line got wraped around the line it was on so we had to cut the line that was wraped around and i told my dad to cut a piece of line and it ended up being the line with the fish on it. So i hand over hand pulled the musky in and it was 30" exactly. That was the only action all day and it was between 10:00-10:30. it was a great trip for our first time musky fishing
  8. My dad and I are heading out to waneta for musky friday or saturday and i was just wondering what type of leader is the best to use.
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