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  1. Sean, I agree with your post 100%. I have been fishing Catherine Creek and Seneca Lake since 1979. The first year I fished I was 7 years old, fishing with my grandfather, uncle, and father, we all caught several fish, with many fish over 6lbs. My grandfather and uncle talk about the 60's and how plentiful and large the rainbows were, as well as the abundance of sawbellies in the lake. Even in the mid to late 80's the fishing was good; many days catching 4-5 fish per day. I think anyone who has fished the creek for the last 20 years knows that there has been a huge decline in numbers as well as size. Clearly there is a need to reduce the creel limit, close all tribs to catherine, and go after the idiots who are only there to snag, and boot the fish from the water. I have had words with many so called fisherman who use salmon size gear with a pound of weight who contend the fish they have hooked in the body, is really hooked in the mouth. This fishery could return to what it once was, but it will take effort on the part of the state, organizations, and directly by conservation minded fishermen like us, to let the lawless scum know they are not welcome. This year I will be taking my cell phone/camera, and the phone# of ECO Toni D. Let the fun begin.
  2. I have to agree with the other fellow, it's almost a waste of time to fish catherine in the fall. If there is alot of rainfall you might do something. The problem is you need a ton of rain, you could easily jump across the stream right now. If there is rain you only have a couple of days at best to catch fish, the stream drops fast, and with it go the fish.
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