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  1. I'll remind you to lighten up when he runs your kid over on the lake ... Good Times ...
  2. Uncool. Drinking & Boating is a REAL problem on the lake, apparently YOU are part of the problem, not the solution.
  3. I coated my balls with that stuff & it stings at first, & you look really funny squating over the bucket, but it really keeps my junk nice & dry when swimming, err fishing. Highly recommended.
  4. Hey FLXTroutman ... your sense of humor called, it's looking for you ... Lighten up.
  5. Get a witching stick, some 40wt. ball bearings, minnows, oak leaf bugs, night crawlers, swirl tails, buck tail jigs, & a case of beer or any combination of the above. NONE of this will work, ... you'll catch nothing but a buzz from the beer, ... if ... you've brought enough. You are much better off rigging some poles, launch your boat @ Dresden, get back in your truck & drive to Penn Yan & get drunk. Unless you live down there ... you'll catch nothing & the locals won't help you either unless you know the secret handshake. that said, ... it still better than being @ work, so good luck.
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