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  1. gratefultodd

    40 degrees 50 feet down in 500fow

    Thanks for the replies guess i should a hung in there longer
  2. hi everyone im new to the forum,had a question about water temp.I went out of sandy creek yesterday morning and started in 100fow started picking up some small fish in 110fow,fished 110 to 160 for couple hours caught 7 small fish decided to move a 9lbs king in 250fow hung out awhile nothing else.Decided to try deep.Ran to 450fow put a rigger in 50 down and water temp was 40 degrees.Im not very experinced fishing deep and first year with down temp on ball.I was wondering if it is unusual to find water that cold that close to the surface out there or if it is normal?Bye the way i trolled from 450fow to 550fow and didn't mark a thing so i pulled em and headed in
  3. gratefultodd

    For Sale : USA Big Jon electric

    hi is the rigger still for sale im in the market
  4. gratefultodd

    14 point Wyoming County

    ok you got a big buck congrats.Now gimme a call and lets do some fishin!!!