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  1. Waters warming up and game on.


    Today was action packed for 5 hours straight. 15 to 80 fow. Top 10 foot of water.


    All species caught. Released a pile of fish. Only 4 lampreys out of 30 plus fish to the boat...


    Best day all year.


    Remember. Seneca has no fish! Have fun everyone!


    Rumor has it its good from geneva to watkins!! Get out there!



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  2. Yeah, there's no fish in Seneca, go to cayuga....

    Although seneca has been slower than cayuga for a few years, guys usually only fish seneca up to the derby. Seneca always gets great the following week after the derby.

    The fish have been plentiful and healthy. Minus some lampreys. They are getting them under control slowly. Sure the bait took off, the direct correlation of high eels and lower catches explain why bait is so intense. Add the super clear water seneca has and the conditions get tougher. The south end is great fishing if looking for a productive silver day. Fish the colored water and you'll have a good outing. As the bait moves in shallow this week, good fishing shall remain consistent from now til labor day.

    Also, 80 to 120 has been a consistent laker bite. This warm weather should move that bite to 15 to 60... high lines. Match the bait!


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  3. When you guys did this you both are talking about an inboard!!! Not a I/O Correct?? I do have a rod/cable that you could attach to. But I have power steering and it turns hard unless I could pit a on demand pump or something. Other wise I'm going with the Garmin kicker GPS. I burned out 2 of those set ups that are self steer via remote but I had to run it. Its stupid the way its designed cause if you use the lanyard when you lift up to use it like a person should its ass backwards. My boat ABSOLUTELY is the worst to control at slow speeds like no wake zones you look like a drunken sailor!! What do you guys got for any ideas!! Anything for suggestions??? Thanks pap.
    Mine is true inboard, correct. 20200325_181037.jpg

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  4. As I explained, I hooked a steering cable from the rudder arm inside the boat, ran a loop and thru the transom then to the kicker. The steering cable was a standard setup on one end to go thru the steering tube on the Yamaha 9.9 XPA 4 stroke.  So when the rudder arm inside the boat moved. The kicker turned.  SIMPLE.   If the rudder moved because you turned the steering wheel, the kicker turned appropriately.  If the rudder moved because an autopilot was controlling it, the kicker turned appropriately.  Care must be taken to attach the steering cable properly to the rudder arm.  It must be attached at a proper distance from the center pivot (shaft) so the kicker stops slightly short of full travel when the rudder arm is at full travel in both directions.  If this is not considered, something will eventually break in the system. The only drawback is the kicker is always turning when the rudder is turning.  You will need to setup the shift and throttle cables to allow kicker to turn when it is in the trim or lifted position and not being used. I didn't find this to be a big deal.
    I understand what you did. What exact cable did you use..... ?

    I used a dual outboard rotary cable so the tilt tube mount is on the Honda, and the other tilt tube mount is mounted via the rudder arm...


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  5. Linear actuator looks interesting but does nothing for autopilot on the kicker.  The steering cable setup as I described gets you kicker integration to your existing autopilot and steering from your current helm for about $200.  Cant beat that.
    You can install a rotary switch to choose kicker or rudders, i did this at first, but swapped to the cable after consideration of more response with the rudders under the boat.

    What link are you using for $200? Just curious.


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  6. Yeah I mean I fished the lake trout derby for about 15 years until the size and numbers got so aweful we started blowing it off and fishing the southtowns derby out at Erie.  The final nail in our coffin was when we won the browntrout division with a 4.5lb fish that we almost threw back.  I’ve fished the FL tribs my whole life.  The size , numbers, and health of the fish in Seneca is really poor…every fish we would boat the last few years before we quit were skinny, large heads, and multiple lamprey wounds.  Marking huge schools of bait with maybe 1 mark around them….usually none.  Same story in the creeks….really really unhealthy rainbows oftentimes still dragging lampreys 10miles from the lake.
    You juxtapose that with Cayuga lake just over the hill where they use the weir and lampracide treatments after high water events.  Ur catching big, clean, healthy fish.  Phenomenal size, phenomenal numbers…kinda stupid actually.  I make it a point to look over every fish we catch for lamprey marks and I think I saw 1 out of 30-40 fish boated on Cayuga over 3 trips this summer.
    I didn’t fish Cayuga from the lake in 2010-2014, but from my perspective u have two very similar bodies of water separated by like 10 miles?  One has had active lamprey management….the other hasn’t, and the fishing quality is night and day between them.
    And the fishing quality is night and day.
    Your response is what I am getting at...
    The state of the lake meetings showed us how the lake got to where it was. When cayuga had the lack of eel treatments, the lake suffered.

    NYS only grants the money every 3 years for the lampricide treatment. They way it fell, unfortunately became due to poor conditions to treat that resulted in inability to do so. Theres a small window.

    There is a DIRECT correspondence with the high numbers or vampires and the slower years of fishing...

    Why is it too late? You didn't answer that, you only stated whats currently being attended too..


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  7. Wondering if anyone has been seeing any pike on Seneca used to spend some late season trips chasing them in the bays sheltered. From the wind. Have really gotten away from Seneca the last several years but have a lot of good memories thinking about a nostalgia trip before the boat goes asleep for winter don't really wanna trout and salmon troll I get my fill of that all Summer I know not a lot of people target them there but wondering if they are struggling as much as as the trout

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    The toothy ones are there! Saw plenty this year fishing skinny!

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