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  1. Out of all those fish none had a live lamprey on them and only a few had marks. Goes to show you can’t believe everything you read.

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    We have definitely seen some days where there's a lot, and some days there's none.

    The last few trips only a couple adult eels.

    Spring time we saw alot of juveniles.

    Browns had it worse out of all the fish.


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  2. Dead, I think not....

    Found plenty of atlantics this weekend. Nothing very large but plentiful and fun. No rhyme or reason. Pulled one 100 down on an echip/fly then the rest on spoons 45 to 60 down through the day Sunday.

    Fishing has been great on Seneca all year long... Anyone who fishes it frequently will agree.

    The bandwagon on cayuga will slow down soon enough...

    Seneca is a dead lake.

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  3. They are not illuminated at night. Best to avoid the area....

    They have been there the last couple weeks... Also, they have been consistently placing orange and yellow ones on about 15 fow consistently on the west side. Getting quite annoying. I'm tempted to remove as they are not marked at all, thus not a permitted buoy.


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  4. Waters warming up and game on.


    Today was action packed for 5 hours straight. 15 to 80 fow. Top 10 foot of water.


    All species caught. Released a pile of fish. Only 4 lampreys out of 30 plus fish to the boat...


    Best day all year.


    Remember. Seneca has no fish! Have fun everyone!


    Rumor has it its good from geneva to watkins!! Get out there!



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  5. Yeah, there's no fish in Seneca, go to cayuga.... [emoji1787]

    Although seneca has been slower than cayuga for a few years, guys usually only fish seneca up to the derby. Seneca always gets great the following week after the derby.

    The fish have been plentiful and healthy. Minus some lampreys. They are getting them under control slowly. Sure the bait took off, the direct correlation of high eels and lower catches explain why bait is so intense. Add the super clear water seneca has and the conditions get tougher. The south end is great fishing if looking for a productive silver day. Fish the colored water and you'll have a good outing. As the bait moves in shallow this week, good fishing shall remain consistent from now til labor day.

    Also, 80 to 120 has been a consistent laker bite. This warm weather should move that bite to 15 to 60... high lines. Match the bait!


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  6. When you guys did this you both are talking about an inboard!!! Not a I/O Correct?? I do have a rod/cable that you could attach to. But I have power steering and it turns hard unless I could pit a on demand pump or something. Other wise I'm going with the Garmin kicker GPS. I burned out 2 of those set ups that are self steer via remote but I had to run it. Its stupid the way its designed cause if you use the lanyard when you lift up to use it like a person should its ass backwards. My boat ABSOLUTELY is the worst to control at slow speeds like no wake zones you look like a drunken sailor!! What do you guys got for any ideas!! Anything for suggestions??? Thanks pap.
    Mine is true inboard, correct. 20200325_181037.jpg

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