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  1. Well, I found the answer to my own question guys. I went and bought the regular 2xg chip that covers the great lakes. Navionics NOW INCLUDES the brand new Fish n Chip with the great lakes chip. You just have to send in your proof of purchase and they mail it to you free. It's not the old Fish n Chip, it's the new one that was released in Mar 2010.
  2. Guys, I've called around to EVERY tackle dealer around the Niagara/GTA area looking for someone who stocks the Navionics Fish n Chip Fish-G. Nobody seems to know what it is. Every dealer out there is telling me the Fish n Chip was given away free with the Great Lakes 2XG chip. This is true. However........they changed the Fish n Chip in Mar of 2010 and upgraded it so that the contours are in 1ft intervals, revealing great bottom detail of the entire great lakes. This chip is not the old free one. Check out the link below. http://www.navionics.com/MarineFeatures_FishNChip.asp Why is nobody stocking this? It is strictly a fishing chip, and has reduced amounts of navigational aids. But for bottom contours, it clearly appears better than the 2XG chip that everyone uses around here? Anyone using this new chip?
  3. I've been asking for some input on the Humminbird 788ci combo, and I'm hearing some mixed opinions. How about the Lowrance HDS-5 combo? It's in the same price range, but seems to offer some more options. I'm also hearing the downsides with the Lowrance, mainly being poor service if anything goes wrong with it. Anyone here use either one of these units, or know someone who does? Pros, cons? Any help would be great, looking to get a unit mounted on the boat before spring!
  4. Ok, sounds good. Now, the small area that is starting to soften, if I cut the bad stuff out, can that be patched off with just a section of marine plywood?? Is the floor a bunch of smaller sections joined? I've never had the carpet up, and the boat is in original condition. Just hoping someone may know whether or not starcraft used large sections, or pieced it together.
  5. Guys, I was browsing around on the Great Lakes Angler forum and saw some old post about a quick repair that can be made to a Starcraft Islander floor. Apparently, the floor slopes back slightly, and moisture gets caught in the back rear corners causing a bit of floor rot at the very rear of the boat. I'm noticing water collecting in this very area. Does anyone know of this "quick repair" that can be made to the floor? I'm assuming there's a way to create a drainage of some kind back there that would counteract the problem. My floors are solid, just showing a bit of softness now in the very rear corners. Want to get it corrected sooner than later.
  6. Has anyone here used the Humminbird 788ci finder/GPS combo? I'm looking to put something a bit better on my boat, still have the old grayscale Lowrance right now. I've priced this unit as low as $549, and it seems like a decent deal at that price. Are these units any good? Sensitive enough to mark a thermocline? Any feedback would be great. Kevin
  7. Thanks for the ideas guys, I have some tinkering to do this spring now.
  8. With soooo many guys that run these boats, or did run these boats, there must be some good input out there on how to rig it up nicely. I have a 22ft starcraft chieftain 4.3 merc, which is the same hull, and pretty much identical to the Islander. Slightly bigger cabin, but not by much. Currently have just two Cannon Mag's on it. I want to rig it right up this year and I'm looking for some input, maybe even some pics of other rigs out there. I'd like to mount a planer mast up front. I have a cannon manual mast, but can't seem to figure out how to rig it in a way that I can real the boards in from the helm. I'll get a power mast if needed. Not opposed to putting some coin into it, to rig it up. Any pics out there?
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